Supplemental Vitamins can’t Replace Real Food!

Can anybody live by a supplement? Well, sure they can but for a very short period of time. They eventually need to eat real food or else they will die. Supplements are there to “supplement” not to replace real food.

In the same way, what we get from our local churches on Sundays is a spiritual supplement (but only if it is biblically sound). If our spiritual enlightenment comes only from the Sunday service, we are endangering our spirituality.

Our real spiritual food should come from our daily personal devotion with God, as we seek Him and His ways and wills; as we read the Bible and meditate on the Word daily; and as we strive to put the Word to practice.

To live by every Word of God, we need to eat it daily (Matthew 4:4); strive to live by it daily (Matthew 7:24. And adding supplement is still necessary, which is, going to church and seeking God with others.

After all, the church is not called to influence us, us the believers; rather we the believers are called to influence the church. If we are not alive and well in Him daily, the church won’t be alive and well either BECAUSE WE ARE THE CHURCH! ///