Fight over a Worship Song

Every Saturday morning, we have a family Bible study time which I am getting bad at attending these days because of my travel. We started this Bible study almost nine years ago. Since our kids were little, we started with kids’ coloring pages we found online – coloring Mary and Joseph and more (I don’t remember now where we found those materials but there are still many free downloadable materials online if you want to start a Bible study with your little ones).

Now our kids are not little anymore. There is no coloring page. They come with their Bible; and they love to grill us (especially me) if we make a mistake. “Mother, that doesn’t make a lot of sense with what we are trying to discuss here.”

Whenever one of my teens says to me something like that, my little one leaves his chair, comes around, hugs me and whispers into my ears: “Don’t listen to them; you make a lot of sense to me” and kisses me. Since I very much love this moment, I trigger my teenagers to say something so that I get those loving moments from my little one. I know, that is crazy.

Anyways, so, when we do our Bible study, our worship leader is our older son. My gosh! This young man knows how to lead us in worship. The worship songs he chooses easily bring us all to that worship state.

The problem is, I always want us to sing one particular worship song every time we gather together for a Bible study and every one of them are now tired of this song. I am not tired of singing this song and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. You see, it is not like I always say, “Let’s sing only this song” but I’m just asking this song to be one of the songs we sing.

I mean I have lots of favorite Gospel singers starting from, of course, Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath, Francesca Battistelli to Building 429 and more. But my number one favorite Gospel singers are, Philip, Craig and Dean (one team). Oh, my LORD how I love this team! My number one favorite song, the one my family is tired of is called: “When the Stars Burned down”. Please listen to this song on YouTube.

Here is my favorite lyric from this song:

“There will come a day, standing face to face, in a moment we’ll be like Him.
He will wipe our eyes dry and take us up to His side
And forever we will be His.”

You be the judge! How can anybody get tired of this song? Are you on my side or on my kids’ side? I really want to know. If many of you are on my kids’ side, I won’t bother them anymore. I can let it go and sing it on my own devotional time. After all the Bible says, “Comfort one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:18) Which words? Words which talk about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and our eternal life with Him.  ///