Question about “Let Your Child Live” Post

Question about “Let Your Child Live” Post

A4P: A4P Guest: I have a question on your post, “Let Your Child Live.” That kind of post puts judgment on those who have already done abortion. You see, some people didn’t do it knowing that it is the act of murdering a human being. Some were forced to do it because of different reasons. You have no idea what the woman went through. So, please, don’t write that kind of post again. We are called to comfort others, not judge. We are called to tell others about God’s forgiveness not to judge them.

A4P: Thank you for stopping by at the Appeal for Purity Facebook page. I always appreciate everybody’s comment and opinion. I believe in agreeing to disagree and working together for the good of the Body of Christ. We all can’t see one thing in the same way. Because of that the House of God is rich with different insights, ideas, opinions, so on and so forth.

That being said, though, I was flabbergasted when I read your message about that particular post, “Let Your Child Live,” being judgmental.

What is the meaning of the word “Judge?” Judge (verb) means “to pass sentence on a person.”

Did that post pass a sentence on a person who did abortion? Did that post say something like, “A person who did abortion should be expelled from the church” or “A person who did abortion should go to hell or is not worthy of going to heaven?”

Oh, my friend, in a nutshell, the message of that post is this: When you go to the abortion clinic, what they say to you is a lie. They say to you, “What is in your womb is a piece of meat” and that note says, “No, it is not a piece of meat; it is a human being who comes by the plan and purpose of God; created in the image of God.”

Judging others?

If you raise the topic of passing judgment on others, let me remind you of the following Bible verse: Please read it carefully and read the whole chapter to get the main message):

“What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?” 1 Corinthians 5:12

Because it is our business to pass judgment on those who are in the church, the Bible says, “Expel the wicked person from among you.” 1 Corinthians 5:13

The Bible commanded us to pass judgment on those who are inside the church (for example, saying to the adulterer, “You can’t be behind the pulpit again unless you are willing to be restored by counseling”) but I don’t think the Bible wants us to do that process on Facebook; but in the church, among the church families. I hope that should clear out your suspension of the presence of judgment in that post.

Talking about what sin is shouldn’t be taken as passing a judgment on people who have done it; and when we write or talk about sin, we shouldn’t fear to be taken as judgmental. Just because many of us sinned against God doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk about it. Actually those of us who are broken into smaller pieces because of our past sinful lifestyle are the ones who can tell it all. We are the hopes of the next generation as we proclaim the truth saying, “I’m a living testimony of the hurt and pain sin causes.”

Don’t you want to save your children from the heinous and hurtful consequences of abortion and other sins? Don’t you want to rescue the new generation which is always lied to by all media about who they are and what the real truth about sin, death and life?

Oh, my friend, God is a merciful God. That is why you and I are still here. God is a loving God; that is why you and I are still existing as if we didn’t do anything against God.

But remember, God is also a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29) – He punishes or judges the sinner (Hebrews 13:4). God is an unchanging God (Malachi 3:6). His nature never changes (Hebrews 6:17). He is a loving God (1 John 4:8) as well as a consuming fire. These two characteristics of God express who God is. We can’t take one and leave the other. Doing so is a blasphemy; it is like saying God is an idol or a Genei whose job is only to fulfill the lust of a human being.

Sin gives birth to death (James 1:13-15).

Yes, God forgives sin; but do you know that forgiveness and the consequences of sin are two different things. You and I might have already been the reasons for the suffering of our kids, just like King David, King Saul, and Priest Eli were to their children.

Yes, sin is like yeast (Galatians 5:9; 1 Corinthians 5:9) it passes through and affects the life of those who are innocent, like our children (as abortion kills the baby who did nothing). Don’t you want to stop that? How are you planning to make a stop? Only by talking about the forgiveness and love of God by hiding the whole truth?

What is awareness mean to you? Giving comfort to the hurting? I think we are comforted more than we can ever ask for. Now I believe the time has come for us to be challenged, pressed hard, confronted and held responsible for our choices.

Let me say this before I let you go:

My goal in this ministry is not to pass judgment on anyone but this: To save others from the hurt and pain I experienced and continued to experience because of my ignorance of the truth of God so that their life will be better than mine, their generation will be better than mine; so that they will be better people of God than me; so that they will be light to this dark world and above all, so that they will save themselves, their children and grandchildren from the lie of the devil.

I don’t write anything on this page as a person who is pure, holy and clean; rather I always write, with fear and trembling in my heart, knowing that I too am guilt of many sins. However I don’t allow my sin and shame of the past to deter me from letting others know about sin and the consequences of sin.

As long as God gives me another day, I shall continue proclaiming the truth of God!

Oh, you said, “Stop?” Oh, no, I better not stop until I take my last breath!

May the LORD open up our eyes to see His truth clearly. ///