Winner of the Valentine’s Day Game

Wow! Guys! Thank you so much for waiting for me this long! I was expecting somebody to inbox me saying, “When are you going to announce the winner?”

Well, I’m in the middle of being everywhere if you know what I mean.

I had a wonderful time at the Atlanta Pastor Tolossa church. It was kind of a miracle today for all of us. Oh, I love when the Holy Spirit takes over the service and does His own thing. I love Him! I love Him! I love Him!

My gosh! I presented my message in interview setting. We didn’t plan it; it was 100% the plan of God and I loved it! And Pastor Tolossa made me laugh so hard that, I lost it at the first few minutes. I can’t wait to upload the program on the Appeal for Purity YouTube Channel so that you will know what I’m talking about. Make sure you subscribe for A4P YouTube Channel to get the video first.

Well, coming back to the Valentine’s Day game.

There were a total of seven beautiful wedding pictures; these are the names of the people who uploaded their pictures (the number you see in parenthesis is the total number of likes they got):

Ayeda Bezuayehu & Ephraim Assefa (64 likes)

Henok Mekonnen & Wintana (56 likes)

Rahel and her husband (25 likes)

Yemisrach and her husband (24 likes)

Kuku and Mike (22 likes)

Blicha and Tsehaye (19 likes)

Lydu Aman and her husband (15 likes)

Thank you so much guys for taking part in this. This kind of game may seem useless but it has a biblical agenda behind it and that is to encourage married couples to look back at good days so that they can rekindle their first love. It sure did that for me as I gaze on my favorite wedding picture. I am sure it did the same for all of you who uploaded your pictures.

So, the winner is Ayeda Bezuayehu & Ephraim Assefa, with a total of 64 likes! Congratulations guys!

So, inbox me your mailing address so that I will send you one cute gift from Appeal for Purity.

Again, thank you for all of you who took part in this. ///