2015 Premarital Class

Well, you know that I don’t like cold weather and snow. So, I’m not that much excited about winter season.

However I have one reason to be very excited about this season and that reason is our church’s yearly premarital class. This class is given every year from Jan to April for soon to be married couples. This is my seventh year to teach in this wonderful class.

I am thrilled to tell you that this year we have thirteen couples! And let me tell you something, the brides are the most beautiful girls you can ever find. I have no idea where these young men found these cute girls. If you want to learn something from these handsome men as to how to find a cute girl, you can come and ask them, I think.

Anyways, I can’t tell you how excited I’m to be involved in the life of these soon to be married beautiful couples. You see, it is very easy to build a new house than rebuilding a house that has fallen apart.

Do you know the divorce rate so far in our church since we’ve started this class? Oh, I’m so excited to tell you this. It is closer to 2 to 3%. May the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised!

If it is not my turn to teach, I always go to learn because I’m still married and I am still in the process to be a kind of wife God wants me to be to my loving husband. Every year, the class takes another, higher level as God blesses us in His presence. May all the glory, praise and honor be to His Name alone!

Our class is not a kind of class where you learn those “do’s and don’ts.” Well, of course we tell the men never to hit their wives! We can’t just skip that. But in this class, we mainly concentrate on sharing our lives. That means it is a very practical class. If we don’t live it or strive to live it, we don’t share it! Period!

If you are going to get married soon, please get counseling about marriage before you get yourself in trouble. Believe me in this, storm will come to your marriage no matter how much you and your spouse love each other. The Bible doesn’t say, “If the rain comes;” rather it says, “When the rain comes.” That means whether you like it or not, it is guaranteed that the rain and the storm will come. So, it is good to learn how to stand still when the storms hit your house from the people who went through them and are still standing.

If you live in the Washington, DC area and are planning to get married this year but don’t have a church to go to – to learn about marriage, come to our wonderful class at IEEC DC (International Ethiopian Evangelical Church at DC)! You will never regret you did! The class is given every Sunday from 10 to 11am. From 9:30 to 10am, it is a prayer time, we pray to each married couples’ future marriage. Wonderful time!

I guarantee you that once you attend this class, you will never be the same again. I also guarantee you that you will laugh throughout the class because we love to laugh! That means you won’t be bored. ///