From 70 to 9 degree Fahrenheit!

Yes, I am in Maryland. I came from Addis Ababa, Ethiopian yesterday morning after 17 and half hour long and torturous flight!

Oh, I can’t tell you how happy I’m to find myself in my loving husband’s strong arms and start laughing with my funny kids’ jokes!

The first thing my Berhan said to me when he saw me at the airport was, “Oh, how I missed you my Love!”

And my kids said, “Mom, what happened to you? You shrunk!” LOL!
I know they got taller and they thought I shrunk!

It is good to be back to Maryland. When the plane departed from Addis, the temperature was 70 degree Fahrenheit. When the plane was about to land in the Dullas International Airport, the captain announced as if it was a good news that the temperature was 9 degree Fahrenheit!


Even if seeing the white stuff on the ground was very much upsetting to me, that sense of being home was extremely overwhelming and I ignored it as if it wasn’t there.

Other than missing my Love, my husband and kids, one of the things I missed so much when I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was my church worship service!

I attended many worship services there but none of them came closer to my own home church’s worship service! Oh, I can’t wait to go to church today, Sunday, January 11, 2015 and worship God with other believers!


I know there is no sun here but the Son of God who is the bright Morning Star will turn our “snow-day” to “Sun-day” when we come together to worship Him!

Do you have a church, a church you call “your-home-church?”

Remember, being a member of a local church is not one of the religious things we should have to do to confirm our salvation but it is one of a spiritual disciplines we should have to walk closer to Jesus Christ (Read Revelation 1-3, the Book of Acts and most of Paul’s letters).

If you are not a member of one church, let this day be the day for you to get up and go to one of the local churches in your area and seek membership. God is not in a business of favoring that “perfect church” but in changing the hearts and minds of men and women who are coming together to seek Him in one accord.

If you live around Washington, DC and don’t have a home church to go to, come to the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church in DC ( and worship God with us! ///