His Banner Over Me

Well, I missed the American Christmas and New Year; but above all, I missed my love, my Berhan and my lovely kids.

Of course, I also missed each and every one of you, my Facebook fans!

Yes, I’m in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I don’t want to talk about Addis’ gorgeous weather because I don’t want to hurt some people who are, as we speak, dealing with snow.

Ethiopia might be the poorest country in the world, there is no internet connection here as it is in the US and might feel like at times that I’m stranded in a secluded island but let me tell you something: IT ALWAYS FEELS GOOD TO BE HOME! Praise the LORD!

I’m trying to enjoy every minute of my stay here but there is one problem: my dad doesn’t like when I stay out after 6pm. I mean, think about it. I left Addis 23 years ago and for some reason that is not a good enough reason for him to trust me to take care of myself when it gets dusk.

I can’t take out my card that says, “I was independent for the last 23 years” or “I am old enough to take care of myself.” Do you know why? Well, I tried that many, many times last time I was here and it didn’t help me a bit.

I had a very serious lecture three days ago and he said at the end, “I know you might think that you are old enough to take care of yourself; but for me, you are still my little girl; my 8th child. So, as long as you are in my house, I need you to come home before dawn.”

Well, my friend Dani, who is an Appeal for Purity’s Addis Ababa agent, is not only my friend but he is also a family. My dad and his dad know each other very well. So, Dani is my sponsor to come and take me out of the house and bring me back.

I am not frustrated by my dad’s strict late night curfew. Well, honestly, I love to see Addis Ababa at night and his late night curfew gets on my last nerve at times but I know why my dad is doing this.

He loves me; he cares about me; the last thing he wants in life is to see his “little girl” to get hurt by someone. So, he does everything he can to protect her.

So, this morning, I know it is not morning in Maryland; I got up and thought how much God loves me. These days, I am stopping arguing with God. When God says, “Stop” or “Wait” or “No,” I say, “Yes, Sir!” I am slowly realizing that God’s banner over is only LOVE! Nothing else! BUT LOVE! All His No’s, Wait’s and Stop’s are my God’s love languages! (Song of Songs 2:4)

Do you know that Jesus loves you???? Do you know nothing can separate you from the love of Christ????? NOTHING! (Romans 8:38-39)

No porn addiction, no masturbation addiction nor prostitution can separate you from the love of Christ. So, get up, stand on your feet, raise your hands up high and say, “Now I know You love me, Jesus. Here I’m being helpless and hopeless but in You, I have help and hope.”

Yes, Christ is at your door, standing and knocking, hoping that you open the door of your heart for Him, so that He will bless you with songs of worship and praise; so that He will bless your heart in gladness you so desire to have.

Yes, you are His little son or daughter! He never leaves you nor forsakes you! (Hebrews 13:5)

Get up and go to church; build healthy relationship with other believers; open your life for others to come in. That is what opening the door of your heart to Christ means! ///