Modesty Competition: Final Round – Stay Tuned!

We, at Appeal For Purity, are sure that you guys are aware of Modesty Competition of this year, right? If you came to this page recently and/or not aware of it yet, oh, yes we are doing Appeal For Purity’s very first time modesty competition called “The Esther’s Like Modesty.” And we are so excited about it!

We are now working on to let all of you take part in voting to the one girl to win the title, “Queen of Modesty.” She will receive cash prize of $500!

We also are so excited to announce this additional news:

Because of one man among you guys who stepped up to this praiseworthy cause with his generosity, we are now able to giveaway $100 to the follow-up winner! We can’t mention his name because he told us not to but we’d like to say publicly “Oh, our dear brother, how can we thank you enough!”

Thank you for all of you who contributed generously to this praiseworthy cause! May the LORD bless you and yours!

Next time, God’s will, this competition will take another level.

If you wondered why such competition, the main goal is:

To encourage young and beautiful girls to adorn their body, which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16 & 1 Corinthians 6:19), with respect and honor; so that they won’t be stumbling blocks for any man; and above all so that they will be attractive to that spiritual and well-mannered man who only lets himself be attracted to a girl’s praiseworthy character than exposed body parts.

The competition has begun almost two months ago with 10 of 18 beautiful girls who were interested to participate after announcement was made on this page.

Thank you so much all the girls who participated in! God bless you each!

The selection process is made by judges among you guys who volunteered to take part. Judges group was composed of married men, married women, single men, and single women, a total of 8 people. Thank you so much judges! God bless you each!

After rigorous process of competing, Solan Ketema from Alexandria, Virginia and Bethlehem Solomon from Boston, Massachusetts are the two beautiful girls who made it to the final round.

In the month of the new January 2015, we will be bringing you the two finalists with their photos and video answers for the final round questions they were asked. We also will let you know how you’re going to cast your vote!

So Stay Tuned!

Also, please consider to tell your friends and families to participate in voting in this praiseworthy and exciting cause by sharing this post.

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We thank you and God bless you! ///