Are Women different from Men?

I’m not sure who is still asking this question? Anyways, the simple answer is yes, we women are different from men and our differences create beauty to this life.

Look at these two funny but simple examples to see how, for example our brains process information differently.

Single man and single girl:

The guy has been chatting with this girl on Facebook for a couple of months now. When he was out with his friends for a cup of tea yesterday, this girl dropped him message saying “Hi.” He took out his phone to reply. One of his friends, looking at his phone, asked him, “Who are you replying to?”The guy replied, “There is this one cute girl who has nothing to do in life except writing to me 24/7. I love killing time with her when I don’t have anything to do.”

The girl, on the other hand, who is living in another country thought that she at last found the love of her life, the man as she expressed it, “who understands her!”. She told her sister and friends that she is seeing someone, even if it was on Facebook. One guy from her church asked her out a couple weeks ago but she replied to him saying, “I’m already seeing someone else.”

Last week, she went out with her friends for a cup of tea. Then the guy dropped her message saying, “What’s up?” She smiled and said to her friends, showing her phone, “Look, it is like he is dropping me one thousand messages a day. I better renew my passport because I know he will send me a plane ticket soon.” And one of her friends said, “Can I be your bridesmaid?” She replied, “Of course, as a matter of fact, all of you have to be my bridesmaid!”

Married man and married woman:

A wife just lost her uncle and cried a lot almost for the whole afternoon. When it was evening, she began thinking like this: “Okay, I have to go to their house early in the morning. So, I better go to bed soon to get up early in the morning. Oh, how can I forget my uncle? Oh, LORD, please comfort me.”

Her husband, looking at his wife, he is thinking, “Her uncle was a loser anyways. I hope his death won’t destroy my night.”

Yes, we women are different from men. Other than being cuter than them, we women are wired differently. Knowing these basic differences makes life a bit easier and enjoyable. ///