“Thanksgiving Giveaway, Comment & Win”

One of the Appeal for Purity leaders wanted to call this game, “Thanksgiving Giveaway, Comment & Win.” I love it! So, that is the name of the game.

So, the game is this: Tomorrow morning I will post my pastor’s picture at 9:45am and with the picture I will write few thank you notes to my pastor. Then you guys will go ahead and drop your comments on that particular post, uploading your pastor’s picture with a thank you note to your pastor. To win this competition you have to follow the following rules: (Please pay close attention to the rules)So, the winner will be the one who is not going to say more than two things about his/her pastor; the winner has to receive more “likes” on his/her comments than others (you can ask your friends to like your comments if you want), the winner has to upload his/her pastor’s picture (only the senior pastor of the church); the winner won’t add any emoticon other than the picture of his/her pastor; and the winner has to drop his/her comments between 10am and 11am Easter Time. If the comment is dropped off after 11am or before 10am, the person will automatically be disqualified from the game. And one more rule to pay attention to, you have to tell us the full name of your Pastor and the name of your church, city and country. And you can only tell us about your current pastor, not the pastor you had when you were 20 or 12 years old.

The winner will receive a gift from Appeal for Purity but as I said last time, if you live outside the US, you have to pay for shipping and handling so that it won’t be too much for A4P.

If you live in Ethiopia or Eritrea, don’t worry about that since I’m coming to Ethiopia within three weeks. If you win, I will give it to you in person when I come there or mail it to you wherever you are. I don’t think it will cost A4P that much.

I’m very excited about this game! Take part in this competition even if you don’t have a pastor. Just read the comments and press “like” to the ones you like.

This competition is strictly to say thank you to our senior pastors of our churches. We all have our favorite pastors and ministers and we will find a way to say thank you to them after we start with this. ///

P. S. If you happen to have the same pastor as mine, that is fine but make sure you upload a different picture than the picture I’m about to upload so that you will win the game. If you upload the same picture as mine, you won’t win the game.