Another Game with a Prize!

Before I say anything about the game, I would like to say “Thank you” for all of you who have been faithfully supporting and encouraging me. I especially would like to say “Thank you” for those of you who invited your friends and families to the Appeal for Purity Facebook page. Because of you, look where Appeal for Purity is today! Thank you!

It is a spirit of Thanksgiving which is making me say that, lol.

If you live in America, you sure are preparing to celebrate the most fantastic holiday of all, Thanksgiving! I love it!

So, as part of the celebration of Thanksgiving, I want to set up a wonderful game.

So, on Thursday, on Thanksgiving Day, between 10am to 11am Easter time, you can drop a comment or two about your pastor on the post I’m going to post about my own pastor. You can upload a picture of your pastor with your nice comment just to say “Thank you” to your pastor.

We usually don’t talk about the people who matter the most unless they die. When they die, we tend to post their pictures and say good things about them; things they have never heard us say while they were alive. So, we need to change that a bit, don’t you think so? I think so.

And most often than not, the people who don’t get appreciated the most are our pastors.

So, I want to use this occasion to foster this culture of appreciating those who are serving us spiritually. I’m not asking you to post about a perfect pastor. No, there is no perfect pastor. Just like us, they are also imperfect people. They sometimes say something we don’t agree with because as our faces are different, our opinions and understandings of the Bible are different. However they are our pastors. So, I think they deserve our appreciation.

So, let’s all appreciate our pastors. All I’m asking you to do is this: Say, “Thank you” to your pastor for being your pastor and add to that note one or two comments why you are thanking your pastor; and don’t forget to upload their picture.

Well, the winner will receive a gift from Appeal for Purity! Somebody graciously gave me a Barnes and Nobles’ gift card and I want to use that gift card to buy something to the winner of this game.

You may ask, “How can I win the game?”

Listen carefully so that you will win. So, the winner will be the one who is not going to say more than two things about his/her pastor; the winner has to receive more “likes” on their comments than the other (you can ask your friends to like your comments if you want), the winner has to upload his/her pastor’s picture with his/her comments; the winner won’t add any emoticon other than the picture of his/her pastor; and the winner has to drop his/her comments between 10am and 11am Easter Time. If the comment is dropped off after 11am or before 10am, the person will automatically be disqualified from the game.

So, make sure you follow the instruction carefully so that you can win.

If you don’t want to take part in this game for whatever reason, I ask that you be part of the game by judging the comments and pressing like to the one comment you like.

Well, if you live outside America, Appeal for Purity can’t afford to mail your gift. That means you have to pay for the shipping and handling fee. I hope this won’t stop you from taking part in the game. ///