We Need Others to Get Healed

Do you know the one dangerous fallacy sexually addicted people can hold on to? They think that they have more sexual needs and desires (or more sexual hormones) than the average people.

But the truth of the matter is being addicted for example to porn and masturbation has little or no relationship with sexual needs or desires. Sexual addiction has everything to do with a lonely soul, a soul which is wounded and hurt; a soul which is drowning in its own secrets; a soul which is told repeatedly to be quiet, and more.

Until that wounded soul finds healing and rest, freedom from porn and masturbation addiction will be a far fetched dream. No amount of fasting and prayer can move that big mountain.

“If I only find a husband/wife, I will be free of this addiction.”

Pure lie from hell! That is one of the lies the devil wants all single sexual addicts to believe. But the truth of the matter is, no marriage, no spouse is made to be a medicine for sexual addiction. Actually marriage can intensify sexual addiction since marriage demands transparency, integrity and authenticity which are the very things which cannot co-exist with sexual addiction.

So, if you have sexual addiction, seek help so that one can reach out to your wounded soul and help you heal right at the core.

We can’t lead a praiseworthy life apart from other believers because we are parts and parcels of the Body of Christ.

As we can’t live a Christian life apart from the Body of Christ, we can’t get healed apart from the Body of Christ. We need to seek out those Christians who can help us come out of our misery. (James 5:16; Hebrews 3:12-13) ///