Going Grocery Shopping while Hungry

I just came back from grocery. I didn’t know that I was hungry until I entered the Costco store. These people know exactly what kind of food to take out, at what time. At every corner, there is a table where you can go and taste different foods; foods such as ice cream, burger, lasagna, soup, cookie, and, hold on a second, and DARK CHOCOLATE!

I mean, who can resist DARK CHOCOLATE! Not me! I ate it like nobody’s business.

Then I got at the cookie section. When I took the second bite of the cookie, I remember that I left home without eating. Well, I completely forgot counting calories and I tasted them all!

Sometimes these people who work at those tables know exactly who is vulnerable and can easily be convinced to buy their stuff. So, if they see you devouring their food, they sometimes offer you the next piece too. And the next thing you know, you add their food in your cart. You won’t even worry to check the calorie in each serving size.

Oops! This is a holiday season and I already put on two extra pounds and it is only November 12.

Hmm, going out to shopping while hungry is a dangerous business; so is looking for a spouse while we are desperately looking for someone to marry. Do you know why?

Well, we just pick anyone on our way. To bring our dreams into reality, we put our guards down at the wrong time with a wrong person and go with the flow. We don’t bring the name of Jesus to the table for fear of losing the chance to get married. Then compromise will mark our lives as we desperately seek marriage with a person who does not even have sexual integrity. Then we compromise to the point of deciding to have sex before marriage thinking that the sex will land us into marriage. Then when the consequences of it all catch up with us, we ask ourselves, “When and how did I get here?”

So, if you are single and desperate to get married, don’t go out to look for a spouse. Rather, pray until that desperation evaporates out of your life. Only the Word of God and His presence can do that.

When you find yourself in a place where you say to yourself: “I’m alright if I get married or not get married,” then you are ready to look for a spouse. Otherwise, you may be successful in bringing your dream into reality but end up crying yourself to sleep every night.

So, watch out! Don’t go to “marriage grocery” while “hungry to get married.” Be filled with Christ first to the point of needing nobody in your life for you to be happy. Then go for “shopping”. ///