Quick Question

So, you advise husbands how to respond to their wives when their wives are stressed and feel down but what about us? How do you advise our wives what to do with us when we are down and stressed?

Excellent question!

Okay, so wives, if your husband is down and stressed, which you have to figure out because he ain’t going to spell it out for you, give him space. Men don’t process their problems by going around and talking about it. Rather, they usually shut off and they tend to hold on to their remote control or laptop and just “mindlessly” browse around.

When your husband does that, don’t say to him, “You don’t care about me or the kids. All you care is about your shows and work.”

No! No! No! Don’t say that to him even if the temptation is too strong to resist. Instead, give him time to wind up and come back to a reality of being married and everything.

If you give him enough time without criticizing him, he will process it all through and come back to you.

But I have to tell you this:

When most wives get stressed, the last thing they think about is sex; but my dearest, that is not the case with most husbands. For most husbands, when they get stressed and feel down, sex will be the very first thing in their mind. So if you want to take him out of his miserable day, make sure you embrace his sexual advances. Don’t blame him for that. That is how God created him!

My brother, I hope you are satisfied with my answer. ///