That is all!

When a wife says to her husband, “I feel so stressed and down,” she is not asking him to fix her, or fix the conflict she has at her job or fix her kids who might be driving her crazy.

No, no, no! She is not asking him that. All she is asking him is this: “Can you show me some love so that I can pick myself up to fix my problems and be respectful towards you?”

Yes, no wife wants her husband to fix her nor her problems because she knows what to do with her problems but she wants her husband to love her in a way she wants to be loved! That is all! That love for her is like what gasoline is for a car.  When she is loved and treasured by her husband, she not only fixes her problems but she fixes herself in the way that makes her a “suitable helper” for her husband.

So, the best advise for all husbands is this: Show your wife an unconditional love so that it will be well with you.

No wonder the Bible says this: “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”” Galatians 5:14 ///