Let’s live our free life Jesus Died for!

Yes, it is for freedom Christ has set us free but after we are set free from our sin, we have to learn how to live that free life Christ died for; a life that is free from sinful and destructive lifestyles.

For us to live that kind of life, we need mentors to follow after; we need role-models from whom we learn how to lead a praiseworthy life. Just because we accepted Christ as our personal LORD and Savior doesn’t mean that we know it all. We need to learn how to live for Christ from others.

Otherwise we will be Christians who live in bondage and sin. Think about it! The meaning of the word “Christians” is followers of Christ. So, for us to be real followers of Christ, we need other real Christians in our lives so that we can learn from them; so that we can copy their praiseworthy lifestyle; so that we can learn how to read the Bible and apply it to our lives.

Listen to the real story I heard about a chicken which was free from “bondage,” which was free to run away but never had realized it until it was killed. BTW, it is a true story. ///