Question Regarding the post titled “Sex in a Dream”

A4P Guest: I have a question about your latest post titled “Sex in a Dream.”

So, are you saying that the natural phenomena called wet dream or also called “nocturnal emission” (or ejaculation) is a sin and whoever has this phenomenon needs someone to pray for them so that they won’t have it?

A4P: Please do very careful before you reach to a conclusion of what I’m saying. First, read the story very carefully and try to understand where I’m coming from. And whenever I post a story of one particular person, focus on that story only.

Wet-dream or nocturnal ejaculation is not what the young man is dealing with. I already dealt with nocturnal ejaculation on my earliest posts. Please read them if you want to know what I think of that natural, God-given mechanism which gives a release for a young man from a sperm-build up (without any pornographic dreams). I explained it in a natural (scientific) and biblical way, but of course I explained it according to the best of my knowledge and understanding of the subject. If you only want the scientific explanation of the subject, you may not need to read it from this page but from Wikipedia or similar websites.

My friend, that young man’s story is beyond nocturnal emission. And if you, by any chance, have similar struggle, I advise you too to seek help from your church pastors and leaders. Don’t try to explain it away scientifically while you know it for sure that you won’t feel right about it.

So, my short answer to your short question is this: I’m not saying nocturnal emission is a sin. Please read carefully! ///