Good Day to you all!

Hooray! Daylight Saving Time (DST) ended yesterday and we got back our one hour we lost few months ago. Praise God for the extra hour of sleep! I love it!

While I was checking my message I delivered yesterday, I remember this video clip I put in my folder and forgot about. So, I thought it might be nice to share with you all.

If you like what you hear, SHARE it with your friends. You don’t know how many marriages and lives you save by doing just that.

You have no idea how many people are entertaining the idea of inviting porn into their beautiful marriages thinking that it might solve their sexual misunderstandings. Some have already invited porn and lost their marriages; some are in the verge of divorce and some go from one counselor to another to see if someone can solve their marital problems which was ignited because of porn.

Porn is a dangerous stuff and some people don’t have any information about the danger of it. All they know is they found it on the Internet and that is all!

So, will you be that person to link that person who has no idea about the danger of porn to this short and simple message by SHARING it on your Facebook wall? Thank you and God bless you and yours!

In Him, Missy.