The Winner of Yesterday’s Game!

I’m telling you, you guys made my day! What a morning! I love it!

You know what, I saw many people have dropped off their messages around 11:58 and 11:59pm. I wish I could afford to send you all the gift!

However, guys, guys, you have to pay attention to the rules of the game. It doesn’t matter if you make it to the finishing line, if you are not following the rules, you will automatically be disqualified from the game.

And as you can see from my last re-post, four or five people were disqualified from the game, ): because they’ve dropped off their comments more than once.

There are a total of three people who dropped off their comments, I will add “NICE” comments, sharp at mid-night. However, two of them already disqualified themselves from the game (I’m so sorry my dear brothers, I hope you will win on the next game).

The winner of this game, well, not only followed the rules of the game but he is the last person to drop off his comment at sharp midnight. That means even if there were people who made it at mid-night, he was the last person to make it just before the clock turned to 12:01am.

So, the winner of the game is my dear brother, whom I came to know on this page, who is following my page almost everyday, is AfriKa Mwendwa Ndoto, from Kenya!

AfriKa my dear brother, I am glad you made it! Since you are going to be in Addis when I come there, I will give you your gift with a special ceremony, I promise!

Thank you so much guys for taking part in this. Just in case you guys wanted to know what the prize was for the Oct. 1st winner, it was a book called “Sex is not the problem but Lust is!” by Joshua Harris.

It is a wonderful book to read for all single men and women! Of course, married people can benefit from it immensely too as it equips you with the Truth and Will of God around sexual purity, in a very practical way!

And the prize for the Oct. 31st winner will be very tricky, lol, and I will tell you why. Well, AfriKa is a single man (Oops, I said it, didn’t I?) and he is a voracious reader. So it is kind of hard to find a book that is going to get his attention, lol. (AfriKa, if you have a book in mind, inbox me.) Otherwise, I will come up with something else than a book, after I call a meeting with A4P’s agents in Addis Abeba.

BTW, talking about my Addis Abeba’s trip, for those of you who want to know about which church I’m going to minister and when; and where to find my teaching CDs and magazine which are coming out during my stay in Addis, you can contact the A4P’s agents. Here is the contact info of the main person:

Daniel Wondimu
General Manager
Messidan Int’l Trading PLC
Tel:+251-116-672126/27 Fax:+251-116-672099
Mob: +251-911-112457/201245
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Have a wonderful weekend!
In Him, Missy.