Testimonies of Different People

From Nuremberg, Germany
“I’m a 25 year-old, single girl, and a student. I have been part of A4P for a while now. Excuse my English it’s not that good but I’m sure you will understand what I’m trying to say. I have been living in Germany for about 5 years now and have been in 3 different relationships so far.

I was sexually active through all my relationships; not only that but I also used to masturbate almost every day and I also used to watch porn in a daily basis. After masturbating, I always used to feel something bad. I didn’t know why. I was so lost. I was unhappy with my life and I was not motivated to do anything. I have a family who loves me a lot but I always felt alone. – – –  then after fighting with myself for a while, I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior for real. I asked him to help me through all the problems I’m going through inside and I stopped the things I used to do before. You have no idea how peaceful I felt inside after that. Everything felt different. I was different. I was changed….a new person. I didn’t know that God can really do that. I used to see reading the Bible as a work something I should do but now I read Bible because I want to and I pray because I want to.

Then I stopped watching porn; I don’t have the urge anymore, praise God! But I kept masturbating once in a while. I thought it was ok.

Then I came across A4P. I think someone from my friends posted your video. Then I liked your page and started reading what you’ve been posting. I used to think having sex in a relationship is ok as long as you have a plan to get married with that person; but I was wrong. And I also learned that masturbating is a sin. It was not a coincidence that I came across your page and I thank God for that.”

From Texas, USA
“I am a 32 year-old single man. When I was in tenth grader, I accidentally found out by myself a good sensation around my private part. Then one thing led to the other, masturbation became part of my life. I liked it but at the same time I didn’t like what was feeling afterward. I wanted to ask or discuss about it with someone but who? I was scared of being judged or singled out. I thought I was the only one doing this. I never felt proud of myself for doing that. As I grew older, I began hating it too much but at the same time the addiction became stronger.

Time flew by. As long as I remember, there was no week that passed by without me masturbating. The guilt feeling was distinctly stronger than those times when I fell in other sins, say lying. No wonder why, since my body was supposed to be God’s temple. So often times I hated myself and asked God to forgive me. But again, I used to find myself in it all over again. The crazy cycle continued, being negligence about it, hating myself, asking God’s forgiveness, doing it again and again … Although I believed God forgave my sins whenever I approached Him earnestly, the bondage was not broken for about the past 15 years.

Fast forward, just six months ago, I stumbled across the Appeal for Purity’s Facebook page. Here is a woman (Dr. Meskerem), from Habesha Christain circle, teaching about by far untouched topic. I liked it so much! In fact, I went to the archives of A4P’s website and started reading each article posted in chronological order. Throughout the articles, I learnt how sexual immorality can cause so much damage to one’s spiritual, intellectual and married life. I then came to this post that talked about masturbation. It put me in a tight corner. I could not ignore it. It opened my inner eyes wide enough to look into what I was from the inside. To say the least, I realized beyond a doubt what I was doing was completely against the Scripture. I immediately knew Holy Spirit was working inside of me in a way that was different for my past experience of His workings. My mind was transformed. I stopped compromising. Six months have passed now since I stopped that crazy life of sinning, confessing and going back to it all over again.

During these past six months, one day I prayed and said to God “Today, I am not going to ask you to give me a girlfriend but work through me to be ready for marriage.” Yes, I prayed that because it became so clear to me marriage would not solve any sexual immoralities.

To my surprise, lately I got into crying ‘experience’ whenever I think about God’s relationship with me; my eyes get filled with tears. I cannot believe I am admitting this because I consider myself emotionally strong. Nowadays, I feel like I should have napkins with me in the church or in the Bible study meetings, lol. I never ever thought such a day would come! I learnt from A4P that sexual purity is foundational for our spiritual and intellectual health. In all these, let all glories and praises be to my God through Jesus Christ! I also would like to thank Appeal for Purity ministry particularly Dr. Meskerem for her services. I feel like as if I just awakened from my deep sleep!”
From Arkansas, USA
“I’m a single man living in Arkansas, USA. It was sometimes last November I was invited by a friend of mine to Dr. Missy’s teaching about marriage to a group of Christian friends at Ethiopian Evangelist Church in DC. I joined the group and learned a great deal of lesson especially about sexual purity. – – – Meeting Dr. Missy in person in DC was God’s calculation in my life beyond the honor. Reading her daily posts is my daily lesson and my knowledge about sexual purity has been enriched. My spiritual growth has been deepened and enhanced.

I am very close to her and she is my go-to- person when I need to be it for advice or just pick on her if I could have her PhD and do some great chemistry works whilst she is busy with this ministry. I also take my cheat off to her when I have a bad day at work and always get rejuvenated just reading her enlightening responses.

God’s work through her is no secret and I pray that your ministry keeps growing as you save lives that appear to be languishing.”

From Massachusetts, USA
“I’m a 22 year-old single girl. I, like many, came across the Appeal for Purity page through friends. There is much to say about this page and how it has benefited me.

In one word, this page is confrontational. Appeal for Purity confronts matters of the heart – challenges the issues the body of Christ persistently face but are often suppressed. Unfortunately, these matters are the same ones that (don’t) allow us to come boldly to God’s throne of grace. We cannot come before His throne with our hidden, unconfessed sins. Thus, I strongly believe and have witnessed for myself and in my life the power in this confrontation.
Moreover, this page has given me insight into the nuances in what purity really means (too often we equate purity to not having sex before marriage, but it is greater than that). This page has illustrated what it means to be a godly woman and a godly wife. It has allowed me to understand God’s divine purpose in a man, woman, relationships, love, wedding, marriage, children, etc. It is all about Him.” ///

P.S. Quick note to those who inboxed me their testimony: Thank you so much guys for your transparency! Keep the fire burning! ///