Your Life Testimonies warmed my soul!

Thank you so much for all of you who stopped by at my inbox to let me know how much A4P benefited you in many ways and levels! I thank God for it! And may all the glory and praise be to Jesus Christ!

Yes, it feels really good to hear from you guys because sometimes I feel like nobody is out there to hear me. Yes, as it is with every Facebook page owner, it is good to see lots of “Likes” on a post but for me personally, I want to hear from the hearts of people who are reading my messages. And today, you all let me hear from your heart. So, thank you so much guys!

It is my prayer for A4P to thrive in these dark days so that it will be a light for those in the dark; a hope for those in a hopeless situation; a voice to the voiceless; help for the helpless; a source of information to those who are surrounded by noise but no biblical information and more! Yes, may the LORD and the Author of this ministry let A4P go from one generation and to another!

As always, I want to share with you all some of the testimonies I so far received (of course with the owners’ permission).

There is one exceptionally beautiful testimony I’ve received this morning which made me want to cry with joy! It came from one of the guys I am helping, a handsome young man who is coming out of porn and masturbation addiction. Oh, how can I tell you the strength this man has! He embraced his weaknesses and now he is experiencing the power of God in his life in an amazing way! Yes, God’s power becomes perfect in our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). I will share with you all his testimony soon (without changing a dot from his writing. Don’t be scared now, he gave me full permission and he knows that I’m going to share his message with you all!)

I wish I could share with you, all the messages I’ve received so far but I know that you won’t read them because they are many. So I selected only few of those short testimonies and here they are:

“I’m a 27 years old, single woman (currently in a relationship). As a born-again Christian, there were lots of things in my sexuality I said to myself “It is okay to do this; it is not a big deal,” but after I started reading A4P’s posts, I found out that those things were actually the ones which were destroying my life. So, I benefited from A4P and I want to see A4P in the following year to come.” From New Jersey, USA

“I’m 17 years old. I have learned from A4P that how God values our sexuality, and I have also learned how God uses the relationship of one man and one woman in a marriage to represent the coming of Jesus to take His bride.” From Virginia, USA

“I’m a married woman and have two beautiful kids. If A4P is not going to be on every day, we all experience a serious withdrawal effect from it. We need A4P every day!” From Virginia, USA (LOL! I love it!)

“I’m a married man. I learned from A4P how important sex is in my marriage; and I also learn from A4P how I need to change myself instead of demanding change from my wife; and I am striving to put that teaching into practice everyday and it seems to work very well. Thank you!” From New York, USA.

Thank you so much guys! May all the praise and glory be to Him alone, forever! ///