Meet all the Modesty Competition Contestants!

Well, here they are! Just to give you all heads up, the picture quality the girls sent out is very different and it was very hard to make a video out them. Regardless, my dear beloved brother, (whom I don’t want to introduce to you today as a “matter of fact-ly” rather on a special occasion) did an excellent job with all the pictures.

Next time, when Appeal for Purity has its own camera crew, we will get good pictures of these gorgeous girls who look fabulous without eight hours of make up (like Victoria secret girls).

So, guys, encourage the girls! For example, if you live in Alexandria, VA, make sure you encourage the Virginians, so that Modesty Queen will come from them.

This competition is not as you may think it is. It is not a competition to look for a cute face but a beautiful girl whose beauty comes clearer as you come closer to her than from far away. That is all about real modesty! And I and the judges are seeing that very closely!

Their “I’m a Christian” Facebook profile is not enough. They have to prove it as they communicate with us.

Did I get you interested to be part of this competition? Don’t worry, you can sign up for the next competition, not today, lol, but when the next competition is announced. Yes, we are already talking about that.

BTW, you can vote now for the girls if you want one of them to win! Well, you only have their beautiful faces to decide. That is okay. You can still vote! You never know! The judges may pay closer attention to the girl you are voting for!

We may pass this week without eliminating any girl, if the judges agree. And next week on, we will let you the girl(s) who is leaving the competition. Then when we come down to two or three girls, you the A4P Fans will come along to vote. Don’t worry, when we get to that step, we will give you more than their pictures for you to decide reasonably and logically!

In the meantime, I want to remind you to donate for this cause. Whatever amount you can donate will be appreciated! Please stand with me and others to promote and proclaim the message of sexual purity and modesty according to the Word of God! Let’s work together so that the next generation will have footprints to follow after!

Have a blessed weekend! //