“This is not a real story.”

When I find a minute or so, I sometimes sit and read comments dropped off on the posts. And this morning, while I was readingthe comments, I ran into this comment which was dropped off on the post titled “My Friend’s husband asked me to sleep with him,” and the comment goes like this:

“This is not a real story. Just written to educate us. Good example!”

Hmm, I don’t write on this page anything which is not “a real story.” I don’t waste my time creating fiction. What is the point of writing fiction while there are real life stories to write about? And only real stories are the ones to tell us who we really are and show us our real life as if we were looking our lives in a real live video camera!

Sure I don’t present the whole story to save time; and I tend to “zoom in” on one particular issue leaving out the details rather than addressing every possible corner of the story.

Otherwise, I don’t waste my time trying to create “unreal stories.” I leave that to the Hollywood movie producers.

No, no, there is no movie on this page, my friend! Everything you read on this page represents real life stories of one person or many.

Sure, I add some fictitious facts as to the individuals’ identifying info so that people may not know who they are. Otherwise the story is REAL! No fiction to it.

And BTW the owner of that very story is very much alive and well, and she gladly gave me permission to share it on the page so that others may learn from it. ///

P. S. If I ever write fiction, I will make sure I let you know of that fact.