Babes Vs. Grown-ups

Crying is the language of babies. When something happens to babies, they cry. That is the only way they communicate their “uncomfortable feelings” with others. If they want somebody to change their diaper, they cry. If they are hungry, they cry. If they want to sleep, they cry. You get the drift.

As babies grow and start walking on their feet, they learn another language to express their “unhappiness” and that language is called pouting. They thrust out their lips and give their back to the person  who they think needs to know about their unhappiness. Of course they cry too but now they learn pouting.

Why do they cry and pout? They don’t have the skill and language they need to communicate what they really feel and want.

Well, babies cry, and toddlers cry and pout, but what about grownups?

What do grownups do when they want to communicate their “unhappy” feelings and emotions?

Cry? Hmm – – – sometimes, yes! But always? Oh, no, that makes them look like babies.

How about pouting?

Can you just imagine a husband pouting for weeks because he was not happy with his wife? Don’t you think this makes him look like a baby? Of course it does!

A real man doesn’t pout! He communicates with his wife respectfully and finds a solution for the problem!

What about a wife who always cries whenever she wants to communicate her emotions and feelings with her husband? Don’t you think crying makes her look like a five years old girl? Of course it does!

Pouting and crying don’t solve a thing. They actually create a very dangerous habit in the marriage, a habit of keeping everything under the rug. And when issues are buried under the rug, they don’t get rotten and disappeared in thin air.  Precious, they fester, grow, multiply and one day, when they are the least expected, they come out and destroy the marriage.

Listen what the Bible says: “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

Yes, if we are grownups, we need to put away every childhood ways of handling life issues. If there is issue in our marriage, let’s sit down and discuss it like grownups. Crying and pouting don’t solve anything. If there is anything crying and pouting do,  they hijack our marital bless! Let’s get rid of them from our marriages! ///