God Cares about our Sexual Pleasure

“Christianity puts people in bondage. What kind of god is he who doesn’t give total freedom to his people and calls himself loving? We all have to enjoy our life, to the fullest.”

That is one of the accusations thrown at the God of the Bible.

Who does enjoy being limited? Forget about limited on pleasure, being limited itself is boring even in a risky and dangerous situation. If you want to know how people love danger and risk, go to the nearest Six Flags Amusement Park. There is one in our area. Here is the advertisement to one of their brand new roller-coaster rides:

“Ragin’ Cajun will be the park’s ninth roller coaster. This fast-track roller coaster twists, turns, tilts, and rotates around a 1,378-foot-long zigzagging track. The unique four-passenger train spins 360° and zips through breathtaking turns, which are sure to thrill even the most extreme coaster riders. This roller coaster is sure to be as wild as its name and will add a new and adrenaline-charged ride experience to the existing coaster collection.”

Yeah, that is what I’m talking about! I mean, talk about fun, thrill and “amusement”, nothing comes closer to this! These people are out there to give us all total freedom, or are they?

No, they won’t give thrill without limitations (boundaries). They have list of “don’ts” that include things like age and height limit; the seat belt rule (the belt that literally “glued” you to the chair); and things you’re not allowed to carry with you on the ride (including your water bottle and purse). And there are more rules you can find at the entrance of the rides.

Listen, people die for this ride. Sometimes, they wait in line for hours. You will never hear any one of them complaining about the rides “don’ts” rules, except the one that says “Remain seated until the ride ends”. Yeah, our kids complain about it saying: “This ride would have been better if we could stand up”. Really? While the roller coaster is spinning 360 degree with 40 miles per hour speed (64km/hr), you want to stand up? Yeah!

What if people decide to disobey the rule that says “remain seated”? Well, they will be pulled out of the ride. Oh, sorry, their body will be pulled out of the ride. Yeap, it is that dangerous not to obey those rules. That is why it’s rare to find people who disobey these “adrenaline-charged” roller-coaster rides’ rules.

The one important point you shouldn’t miss here is this: The rules of these parks are not there only for safety reason but mainly they are there to protect the owners of the park from lawsuits. Yeah, they are protecting themselves. And if the rides are not safe enough, nobody is going to go there. So they are working hard to make the park safe, profitable and “lawsuit-proof”.

Coming back to my main point, which you already know where I’m taking you with all these, when God created sex, He decided what is safe and secure for His children. He put limitations as to when, where and what to do with sex. To mention a few: “where”: In the marriage bed between one man and one woman; “when”: after they get married; “what” to do with it: for His children to give it to only one person whom they are married to.

God put these and more limitations to sex to ultimately maximize our sexual pleasure. God didn’t put these limitations so that He would avoid lawsuits. Who is going to go to court with God? No one! He is not scared of anyone! He did not put these limitations so that He would benefit from them. Forget it! There is no benefit for Him! We can’t take or add anything to God whether we accept or reject these limitations.

Listen please, we are the ones to enjoy the benefit if we embrace the limitations and we are the ones to lose and get hurt if we reject them. Period!

We sometimes hear: “Well, you see, my life is a little complicated and unique.” Yeah, the one thing we all want to believe when it comes to these limitations is this: We consciously or unconsciously believe that there are unique life situations where God compromises on His limitations even if the Bible is against it.

Hmm, “been there and done that”. God never compromises; not so to hold something good from us but because He knows what is best for us! If we accept God’s limitations, we enjoy life and marriage; if we reject them, we live with the consequences. Straightforward! No confusion!

“Freedom without a boundary (limitation) is bondage.” Think about it!

When we are left to ourselves, we die quickly or we get to a place where we cry out to all the by-passers “help me, please”. We may not know how they can help us but we know that we are at the point where we cannot make it for long unless somebody helps us.

Our body is not created to live outside those limitations! It can’t be well without them.

Have you ever seen a person with a healthy spiritual life (a life aligned with the Word of God) and a healthy marriage with amazing sexual relation with his wife standing on the side of the road, crying out and begging you to help him? Forget it! He doesn’t even have time to look at you! He is busy of enjoying his life!

Who is a parent who doesn’t enjoy seeing his/her children enjoy life? No one! God is our heavenly Father. He loves to see us enjoy life to the fullest.

God cares about our sexual pleasure. He orchestrates things for us, for instant, to read this article so that we know that He is for our sexual pleasure. If we keep on rejecting His truth, He sure won’t force us. He lets us have it all because sometimes that is the only short way to get us back to Him, dead or alive.

All the “don’ts” in the Bible are there to make all the “do’s” the source of Joy, peace, pleasure and contentment. Example:

Don’t: ““You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28-29)

Do’s: “May your fountain be blessed,
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.
A loving doe, a graceful deer—
may her breasts satisfy you always,
may you ever be intoxicated with her love.” (Proverbs 5:18-19)

My dear, here “be intoxicated with her love” literally means “be mentally or emotionally drunk” with your wife’s love. This “do’s” can’t happen if we change the “don’ts” to “do’s” in our life. While a husband is lusting after other women, there is no way that he can be “drunk” with his wife’s love and continue to be satisfied with her breast. Period! No way around this!

Movie makers can make it look like it is working for such a person but that is a movie. In the weekly drama show, we may watch “sexually promiscuous” people enjoying their lives to the fullest, but my dear, that is a drama! Don’t let them fool you! Don’t try it at home!

Let me close with this: God will never change or compromise on His limitations. He is determined to stand His ground because He cares about our sexual pleasure! How do we know that? Read Song of Solomon! That is the kind of sexual pleasure God desires for us; and that is the kind of sexual pleasure the world is in search of but never finds because the world doesn’t accept the boundaries set by God for its own goodness! ///

P. S. This was originally posted on November 19, 2013.