“Are you going to stop writing – – -”

A4P Guest: I opened my Facebook account and the only post I got today was about you feeling disappointed about the contribution. Then I knew that was the reason you didn’t write anything. I’m so sorry. I completely forgot about it. I will donate when my husband comes. My husband doesn’t really care about supporting any ministry. So, I will try to convince him and support the cause as much as I can. Are you going to stop writing if as many people as you expected won’t support you?

A4P: Oh, how sweet! No, my dear, I won’t stop that quick, lol. I think God is serious when He puts me here and I don’t think He just takes me off the hook because I am a bit disappointed.

Thank you, though, for supporting me and thank you for trying to get “approval” from your hubby. That is very important so that your contribution will be a blessing to Appeal for Purity. Hiding money from a spouse and giving it to a ministry is not good at all. It won’t be a blessing to the giver as well as to the receiver.

No, I didn’t disappear because I was “pouting” even though I have all the reason to do so, but today three of our kids’ school are closed and I ended up going to MVA to get a driver’s permit for our older son. I know that is very scary. Our son is soon going to be on the road, by himself! Well, I guess we have to let him if we want him to grow.

And my phone battery died while I was in the MVA. So, I was pretty much sitting there in that noisy MVA hall, waiting in line and watching the MVA boring commercial about Ebola and how to prevent a car accident.

I just came back from there few minutes ago. So far one person from Sweden responded to my call. Thank you very much my brother for supporting the cause! I know it costs you double or triple to donate in dollar since there is a foreign currency exchange charge for you to donate in dollar. May the LORD bless you and yours!

Just to keep you updated about the competition, we lost some of the competitors on the way because some said they won’t have good Internet connection to keep in touch with us.

So, the 2014 “The Esther’s Kind of Modesty” competitors are:
Abegail Hun from London, UK; Amen Gurara (Enbut Amen) from Schaumburg, Illinois;  Betty Chak from Lorton, Virginia; Bethlehem Solomon from Boston, Massachusetts; Bezawit Abun from Alexandria, Virginia; Eden Berhe from Manitoba, Canada; Elza Chak from Lorton, Virginia (notice we have two sister contestants); Hilina Desalegn Calgary AB, Canada; Hilina Terrefe from London, UK and last but not least, Solan Ketema from Alexandria, Virginia.

I know all of them are strikingly beautiful and I wonder how the judges are going to arrive to a decision, to make only one of them “Queen of Modesty”!

I can’t tell you how excited I’m for this competition. God’s will, we will introduce you to all the contestants next week in our YouTube video or something. Just stay tuned!

So, the short answer for the question is: No, I’m not pouting. No, I’m not stopping. I will keep on keeping on with few people on my side. I’m keeping my cool, without pouting, lol. I’m still cheerful and curious to see what God has in store for Appeal for Purity. ///