Why can’t I enjoy sex before marriage?

“Why can’t I enjoy sex like my friends? Why is it always me to be depressed after I have sex? I know I am not married yet but God knows everything. I am not having sex because I hate God or anything. It seems like God is picking on me among my friends.”

Beloved, maybe you have no part in this world. Maybe your citizenship is from another world. Maybe your friends are from this world and they are coming to church with you not because they believe what you believe but because that is what friends do, hanging out together everywhere. Maybe God is trying to get your attention to tell you what He has for you. If you are called by Him and anointed by His Name for His Kingdom, you are useless for any other thing than for His Kingdom. And as you know, His Kingdom is not from here.

And for you who belong to that Kingdom, sex outside marriage, all the kissing and caressing business outside marriage is defiling you because you are the temple of God. Do you know that your body is His temple? Yes, that is why it feels like He is picking on you. You are His! Everything this world, the devil and flesh are promising to offer you are empty unless Jesus is in it.
For example, your flesh, the devil and this world offer you sexual pleasure, aren’t they? But the sexual pleasure they are promising to give you, they don’t even have it. They don’t even know it. The only thing they know is ORGASM! That is all! Oh, Beloved, the best sex which this world will never know is yours in Christ; not just orgasm but SEXUAL PLEASURE which gives joy, rest and peace to your soul, body and spirit.
This world promises you that you will be loved and included? Oh, beloved, there is no joy like being loved and included in Christ Jesus.

So, the best thing for you to do is to go back to Christ. Precious, please hear me: Jesus has your best interest at heart! He brings all your dreams and visions into reality. Only in Him you can be joyful! Only in Him you will have rest and peace! You are His alone! In Christ, you are a new creation! This world is not yours! You are a sojourner. You are traveling through this world. You don’t belong here! You are from that Kingdom which is soon going to come! May the LORD Jesus Christ who is yearning to have all your heart, soul, mind and spirit reveal this truth to you! ///

This was originally posted on Dec 21, 2013 (I did some change to it though)