“Is IUD the safest birth control method out there?”

Here is the disclaimer before I address the question: I only answer this question to the best of my knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand.

So, IUD, or Intrauterine Device, is used as a birth control method. I leave all the detail about IUD for Google to do it while I move to the point which is very important for me to address.

The function of IUD as some researchers claim prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg but some researchers said that IUD also prevents a fertilized egg from traveling to the uterus (where the baby grows – fertilized egg means a human being). The latter research finding usually gets thrown under the rug because it brings no money if it is put out on the table for all to hear.

Well, for me personally, I want to take into consideration of both functions of IUD when it comes to making a decision as to which birth control method to go with, without sinning against my conscience, my God and my intuition.

So, the latter function of IUD, how it prevents pregnancy, how it blocks the fertilized egg from traveling to the uterus, makes me think twice before I take IUD as a birth control method. If it blocks a fertilized egg, for me IUD is one of “the pregnancy termination” methods or in a politically incorrect term, I will call IUD as one of “the abortion devices or methods”.

One woman said this to me when she heard me speak about IUD: “But all my families are using it. My mom is a leader in our church prayer ministry and she has been using IUD for years.”

How many people have used it for how many years is not the issue here for me. After all “two wrongs don’t make it right.” If I consider it to be wrong to use, it is wrong always, no matter what.

So, in short, I personally don’t advise anyone to use IUD and I don’t think it is the best and the safest method either. Please read about it.

While I’m at it, let me say this about birth control pills: I prefer birth control pills from all the birth control methods. I know there are lots of people who are against birth control pills and I understand their stand. But I think birth control pills are better than other methods out there.

Birth control pills don’t come without a side effect though. Even if they are considered the safest when it comes to preventing pregnancy, don’t ever forget that they are hormones. Don’t use them as if they were made from fruits. Friends, birth control pills are made from hormones and hormones cause a whole lot of serious illnesses if they are used for a long period of time. So, my advice is this: Use them between pregnancies and once you reach the number of kids you want to have, I advise you to stop them and go with sterilization.

I still don’t understand why women stay on birth control pills for ten years or more.

Once a couple has the number kids they want to have, sterilization (tubal ligation for women or vasectomy for men) is the safest method of birth control methods (but remember these methods are permanent; means once you do the procedures, there is a very low chance to reverse them).

I know some people get really emotional about this and they tend to say things such as, “How can you advise me to go with permanent sterilization? How can I interfere with the work of God?”

I respect that opinion very much and I actually envy those couples who decided to have kids as many as they can have. As long as both the husband and the wife are on the same page on the decision, I think it is a praiseworthy decision and I think it is a blessing to have twenty kids for that matter.

One last point, romantic, loving and kind husband doesn’t leave the issue of birth control method to his wife! ///