A wonderful book to read

A wonderful book to read: “Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God” by C. J. Mahaney

Guess what the subtitle says?

It says: “What every Christian husband needs to know.”

Oh, my! I love it! If you are a married man or soon to be married, read this book for the sake of your wife (or fiancee).

Do you know what I love about Mahaney, well, he is a very funny writer. I was laughing throughout the book. This is the kind of topic sometimes very tricky to try to be funny with but he didn’t it very nicely without missing the point, and without crossing that fine line.

He does talk about Song of Solomon. This book is just funny, entertaining and at the same time, this book opens your eyes to the world of woman in a unique way.

Wives, demand that your husbands read this! I’m just kidding! Hey, demanding rarely works to motivate your husbands to read. Rather do this: Buy and read a good book to learn about your husband’s sexual nature and put what you learn into practice. Then when you “wow” him, buy him this book and ask him, lovingly, to read it. ///