I’m very excited to let you all know that Appeal for Purity is going to launch its very first GAME to all its Facebook fans!

This game is one of the curriculum of CG-STAT (Chosen Girls for Such a Time As This) program. If you don’t know anything about CG-STAT, please read it on the Appeal for Purity official website (

So, the GAME is this:

Before I talk about the game, let me tell you the prize! So, the prize is CASH (in dollar, baby!)

So, the game is called “Esther’s kind of Modesty”!

Who can participate? All single girls, age from 18 to 38!

If you want to be part of it, drop your message on this post (not in the inbox but on this post itself).

What I want from the others (mothers and fathers and even single men and even single women) is this: I want everybody who cares about our young and beautiful Christian girls to donate money, from $5 to $10 via the Appeal for Purity website and I promise every penny will go to the winner!

Appeal for Purity will donate too! I will make it official how much money Appeal for Purity can afford to donate to the prize.

I also want judges! I don’t want to decide by myself. So, here are the kind of people I want:

2 single men, 2 married men (my husband is one already, so I am looking for only one man), 2 single women (who don’t participate in the competition) and 2 married women (I’m one, so I only want one married woman).

These judges have to have Skype account for the meeting to decide the last three winners.

All the candidates will send their pictures of modesty but cut picture!

Then the last three winners will be official for all and everybody will get a chance to vote on the MODEST QUEEN!

I will post the detail what modesty means. Of course, it doesn’t mean beauty or posture.

So, if you want to participate, drop your comment on this post saying, “I’m in!” If you want to be a judge, drop me a message in my inbox saying, “I want to be a judge.”

Aren’t you excited for this! ///

P. S. If you are receiving this via your email because you registered on A4P website, contact me via my email: