My Berhan’s answer to: What does “I release my wife to the Work of God” mean?

Hello A4P supporters and fans… this is Berhan (Missy’s Husband). I noticed how the YouTube post of a clip from a Sunday service at IEEC where I gave a "lengthy" (don’t laugh now) speech has gotten quite a reception from y’all. I wanted to take another opportunity, here on A4P’s status, and iterate how I whole heartedly support the mission and passion that GOD has placed on my lovely wife, Missy.

Missy’s mission to battle the enemy head-on, for a sexually pure heart and mind of GOD’s people, is so timely, crucial and pivotal to help us reach and experience the life that GOD desires and commands us to have.

I am sure most of you would agree how this area is not a widely touched topic in the Christian circle while it is the enemy’s main strategic point of attack. We, mainly men, at one point or another in our life, have been the devil’s target to feel defeated in some shape or form related to this area, but the TRUTH is, GOD wants us to lean on HIS grace and eternal forgiveness, shake off the shame and guilt we feel, and allow HIM to use us to reach this generation in our humility.

You see, the enemy wants to put us in a trap; on one hand, he wants us to feel shame and not bring this to light and talk about it, but on the other hand he secretly accuses us of hypocrisy and causes us not to engage in the topic as GOD desires us to. I believe this is one of the areas where the Holy Spirit grants Missy His Wisdom.

I say this not because she is my wife, but I have witnessed it in different other aspects of life’s social engagements too. You see, she seems to have discerned the devil’s scheme, and with GOD’s grace, I see her being able to boldly claim the truth without falling to the trap of being ashamed to talk about the topic nor listen to his accusation of hypocrisy, but rise up and engage and proclaim the biblical world view of our sexuality.

You may have read Missy’s articles where she refers this as a movement, and I earnestly hope that this movement would bring a day when we allow the Light to expose this darkness and make it a topic that we would all openly and graciously discuss among brothers and sisters around a table in a small and large gatherings. Such a day would be the biggest blow to the enemy’s strongholds.

We are called to discern the enemy’s schemes and this is one of the key areas to expose his lies and deceits. I believe the sanctification towards sexual purity and acquiring knowledge to get complete deliverance all starts by acknowledging the problem that we all tend to fall on. The Holy Spirit within us is faithful to perfect HIS promise in us.

In the video clip, you hear where I declare that I release my lovely wife to go full force on this mission, and now, I believe you know what I meant there, as the leader of my household, she has my full blessing, support and admiration to lead this godly and worthy cause to where GOD wants to take it. It is my everyday prayer that GOD would give me the courage, strength, grace, and wisdom to support her in every way He makes me fit. I challenge you all to lend your support and encouragement in whatever ways GOD puts in your heart too.

GOD bless you all.