Eternity as a Circle or Horizontal Line

Some people say, “If eternity is like Atlantic Ocean, our life on earth is like a drop from that big Ocean.”

Well, how do you see a drop? As a circle, don’t you? And a circle is a closed shape. There is no continuity to it. It starts at one point, goes around 360 degrees and ends where it starts.

But for me personally, I don’t see my eternal and present life like a circle but as a horizontal line and I will tell you why.

The Bible says that God foreknew me before time (Romans 8:28-30; 2 Timothy 1:9). I was in God’s mind or thought even before I came to this life. And when it was time for me to come, the time He only knew, He brought me to this life.

Well, as the Bible says, I will have eternal life if I believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ (1 John 5:13; John 20:31; John 17:3). So, few years ago, I believed in the LORD Jesus Christ and received Him as my personal LORD and Savior. From that moment on, as the Bible says, I began my eternal journey.

So when I finish my race which is laid out before me, I shall go to my eternal dwelling place, transported on a boat called “death” and when I go out of the boat through Christ, I shall be given a different “outfit”, a body which will fit the environment I’m going to be in. This new body will never be stricken by disease, pain or weakness.

So, from me being in the minds of God before I came to this life to my eternal dwelling, do you see any point which meets all over again to make a circle?

I don’t think so. This is what I see: A horizontal line which has no end.

But, notice one important point here: Horizontal line doesn’t mean that there is no direction change.

After Jesus came to my life, the direction of my life turned 180 degrees and continued in an opposite direction. And throughout my walk with Christ until now, I sometimes find myself stumble and fall in small or big ways. With His grace and mercy, I get up and turn 180 degree and go in an opposite direction so that I stay on the horizontal line.

What I strive to do is so that my life won’t make 360 degree change; a vicious circle of confessing the same kind of sin, and asking God to forgive me and find myself to be back again to zero, making 360 degree.

Wow! God knows how many “circles” I made in my life so far. But may all the glory and praise be to Him who knows how to snatch me out of the vicious circle and keep me on the horizontal line.

Do you find yourself stuck in a circle of confessing and doing it all again, in the same way and finding yourself in the same "ditch?"

I think and believe the solution for it is for us to train ourselves to “FORSAKE” our sinful ways. That is it! FORSAKE IT!

Listen what the Bible says:

“Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,
but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” Proverbs 28:13

Unless we forsake our sin, we will be stuck in a vicious circle. God is with us to help us come out of that kind of life but HERE IS THE CATCH! We can’t do it by ourselves! We have to seek the help of others.

I sought the help of others many times and God rescued and ransomed me from a vicious circle of a destructive lifestyle.

If your life is stuck in a vicious circle, seek help. You can’t keep on doing the same thing and expect a different outcome than finding yourself in the same ditch. Seek help!

You already confessed to God, didn’t you? Now, it is time for you to confess it to other believers in Christ.

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." James 5:16 ///