Question of the Week

A4P Guest: “I read some of your articles and read what you’ve been writing about men and I have a question about that. So, as a single man, I know that women have menstrual cramp during their period cycle but how that pain feels and how they process it from the inside, I don’t know. I don’t know because I’m not a woman but a man. On one of your recent blogs, titled "Issue of Kissing," you said this: “When a man looks at his wife’s naked body, he thinks – – -”. So, my question for you is this: While you are a woman, how can you know what a man thinks? ”

A4P: I live in a neighborhood where I see deer as often as I see human beings. I know that is a little funny but hey we love to see them.

Like 20+ years ago, I began to think a lot about the deer in our neighborhood because they seem to be very “foolish” when it comes to staying away from trouble or I will say, staying away from the highway. As if they were cars, they tend to jump in the middle of a busy highway and die.

I love animal and I love these precious creatures of God but I hate to see them dying left and right. Then I began to read and learn a lot about them. I learned that these precious animals don’t just die every day and around the clock; even if that was what it felt like for me. Rather, they die during the fall season. Yes, this is the season for most of them to depart from this life.

And I also learned that they are dying during the fall season because it is their “mating” season. So when you look at a deer during October or November, you have to know that the only thing in its mind (well, there is no mind to it only instincts but let’s say it has mind just for the sake of the discussion) the only thing in its mind is sex.

So, if I write on my blog saying, “If you see a deer during October, make sure you drive slowly because the deer won’t see you. The only thing it sees is a female deer and the only thing it thinks about is sex,” will I be questioned how I happened to know that while I was a human being not a deer?

You see, if you are sitting there and trying to know about only men, you will soon face danger when you start dealing with your woman.

Yes, it is good for you to know about women. You don’t have to be a woman for you to know about them. Read about how their brain works, process and interpret information. Know about women’s sexual nature; how they think about sex so that you know how to handle your woman. Otherwise you may try to attract your wife sexually by being naked because that is one of the ways you get sexually attracted. And if you try to attract your wife that way, you will fail terribly.

BTW, are you interested to know what your future wife may think when she sees you naked? In case you are interested, let me tell you.

This is what she thinks: “When am I going to finish doing the laundry I’ve started in the morning?” or she most probably thinks like this: “Thank You, LORD, for creating clothes for my husband to wear them every day.”

For you to know this about your woman, you don’t need to be a woman. All you need to be is a person who is willing to learn and live according to the right information you have about you and others for the good of you and others (in this case, your wife). And at the end, make sure you share with others the information which changed your life and marriage for better. ///