Pouting, they ask, “What do you mean kissing is a sin?”

I have received some messages in my inbox yesterday referring to my post titled “Issue of kissing, AGAIN!”

Some of the messages sound like this:

“I hate what you’re writing. I love and enjoy kissing my girlfriend. Now, you spoiled it for me.”

Some of them sound like, “What? What are you talking about? Kissing is a sin? What is next? Where is my freedom in Jesus? Are you making up stories and making us all feel bad for enjoying our boyfriends’ lips?”

I know, it is sometimes annoying to hear messages like that, isn’t it? Trust me, I was there once and it can be upsetting but it is upsetting only when we don’t know the plan and purpose of God behind all those “Don’ts.”

Remember, all those things God said “don’t,” are there for our own goodness. God wants to make our marital kissing and sex to be lasting, fulfilling and pleasurable ones as He planned and purposed it. Do you know that most married couples don’t kiss? Yes, they don’t and do you wonder why? I will come back to that some other time. For now, let me stay on the issue at hand.

So, kissing gives gratification closer to sex since it touches our brain part called “a reward center.” My Dear, anything which touches that part of our brain wants to linger around and we, rightly so, want it to linger around. Duh! It is our gratification center. And kissing touches that part of the brain and we won’t let it go without furious fight. When we are told that kissing before marriage can severe our relationship with Christ, we start to quote Bible verses to try to justify our action, even if we deep down know that we are wrong. That action is called “addiction,” fighting to keep the action regardless of its destructive consequence to our life.

So, for those of you who are still struggling to swallow the truth about kissing before marriage, let me take another side to explain it.

CAUTION: Make sure you keep anybody who is younger than 13 years old away from this.

So, when the lips of one man and one woman meet, they trigger the sex engine of their body. How?

Well, there are nerves on the top of their lips. These nerves are similar to the nerves which are found on their private parts. Their job is: At the moment of contact with other lips (or private parts – in the case of sex), they send a message to the brain saying, “Sex is on the way; so send all the sexual hormones to the whole body so that the body gets ready to receive sex.”

Those hormones shut off (or make it cloudy) all the logical and reasoning part of the brain (it is by perfect design of God – this step of sex in the marriage works beautifully, but outside marriage, this step by itself destroys one’s life). Those hormones lubricate their private parts to receive the upcoming sexual act. Those hormones also increase the heartbeat of the couple and increase their blood pressure which is very important step for the engorgement of their private parts for the anticipated sex.

As they exchange saliva through kissing, sexual hormones get secreted in the body and work aggressively for the body to get a relief from the heightened sexual desire through orgasmic release.


Worldly people go on with the step and finish it with THE actual sexual act BUT born again Christians who choose to take all the steps up to this point, BUT SAY “SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS SIN,” go to their separate ways without finishing their steamy moment with the very last step which is sex. (Little did they know that they already stumbled and fell from their sexual purity.)

Well, after those unmarried couple kissed, their body doesn’t let go. It demands sex because of the notorious sexual hormones which are already been secreted in their body. Depending on their exposure to sexual scenes and how much they are given over or yield to sexual temptations, some men will have orgasm during kissing. But some men masturbate before or after the date. Most women get relief through “steamy dream” or will have an orgasmic like experience during kissing or they too turn to masturbation. (Reason? Kissing!)

Does anyone out there want me to go on explaining how kissing is considered as a sin because it is “an appetizer for sex” (foreplay) or as I usually like to name it as a “mini-sex?”

Remember, God is not against our sexual gratification! GOD IS FOR GOOD SEX! But God never rejoices when He sees His children do things which hurt them. Sex and/or mini-sex outside marriage hurts us REAL BAD because it is not designed to be practiced outside marriage. Don’t see marriage as an issue of a legal paper (or a political agenda). My Dear, marriage is a spiritual institution set by God. No vows made before man and God, no marriage. No marriage, no God’s blessing in the sex and mini-sex. No God’s blessing, it is hell on earth!

If you still struggle to accept the truth about kissing before marriage, my advice for you is this: Love Christ! Strive to know and love Him! Baptize in His Word and Spirit! Spend time in prayer and read and meditate the Word. Soak yourself in Him! Don’t concentrate on do’s and don’ts but concentrate on knowing Him. Then as the Bible says,

"As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.” 1 John 2:27a

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to read books or go to church to learn about God and His Word but what it means is when one teaches you according to the Word and Spirit of God, you don’t need any explanation. You take it as it is because the anointing is on you!

Sometimes from the questions I’ve received, I sometimes wonder if the person who wrote those questions is familiar with the Word of God or not.

Please, Beloved, especially before we quote a Bible verse; we need to make sure that we know what it says. We need to read that same verse in different Bible translations; and cross reference it so that we can understand it thoroughly, then let’s quote it in our writings so that we make a strong point.

Yes, kissing before marriage is considered as sexual immorality. What the world says, what other giant Christian leaders say about this issue won’t change this truth. What matters the most for me personally is the unchanging Truth of God which looks me squarely in the eyes. The rest, including my thinking and reasoning which doesn’t agree with the Truth of God, I consider them all as FOOLISHNESS AND RUBBISH BECAUSE THEY ARE! ///