Are most men colorblind?

Yes, they are!

Do you already have that “aha” moment? Well, it was like someone turned on a light bulb in my brain when I first read this: “Most men are believed to be colorblind and they don’t know it.”

The thing is some men are really colorblind but some men are not colorblind. They can tell you which is green and which is orange but they have no idea what that means.

For example, if you show me an orange color, I see “love, beauty, care, nature” and I smell summer breath air. I know, I’m a little crazy about orange. And when you give me an orange color t-shirt, I love to wear it with white skirt or pants because it has some magical power to bring out the orange color and blend it with my skin color. That is how most women take color as.

Men see color as they see a wall or a fence. I mean what do you take out of a fence? Nothing! It is a fence and it is boring to look at.

For most men, color means nothing whether they are colorblind or not. For them, there is no emotion or meaning attached to a color. Their brain doesn’t register color as “lovely” or “romantic.” No, lol, it doesn’t! Their brain sees the color and doesn’t even register it as “an orange t-shirt” or “blue jeans.” No, it doesn’t. Rather, it registers them as one of the t-shirts or pants. They don’t look at different colors and respond to them affectionately.

Laundry? Forget it! Don’t tell your man or sons to do laundry unless of course you want to throw away your clothes.

If you ask them, “Why did you put my white t-shirt in the washer with blue jeans,” they don’t understand what you are asking them. That affectionate “colorful” question is a foreign language for them.

So, if you are a woman living with your husband or brother or sons or father (or with all of them), let me give you one piece of advice.

If the men in your life want to do laundry, let them do it but do yourself a favor: Do the “separating-the-clothes-into-similar-color” part of the laundry process yourself. Otherwise, all your clothes will have weird combination of colors, colors which have no theme or design.

Hmm, that might be a nice color of clothes to wear. It just dawned on me now. Well, I may try to wear it someday but not today. ///

P. S. BTW, most men are colorblind or are not passionate about color because of the original and perfect design of God. This amazing design has a magnificent purpose behind it. When you know why most men are colorblind or why they are not passionate for color, you will be very thankful that God made them that way. To learn more about this and other important gender differences, make sure you attend one of my “Only for married couples seminars” coming up at different churches.