“Do you want to represent – – -”

After God “chastened” me in different ways, I learned to ask my husband’s feedback on my clothing before I stood behind a pulpit.

I always stand before him and ask if he approves the outfit I’m planning to wear the next day.

Well, truth be told, I used to think that my Berhan (my Berhan) was sometimes too much when it comes to not approving most of my outfits but as I came to learn more about how men look at a woman. I realized that it is always safer for me to ask him than feeling sorry later. I can’t think like a man, he does. So, he knows what he is talking about and I want to listen to him. After all, I want people to pay attention to my message not my outfit, if you know what I mean.

When my Berhan doesn’t approve an outfit, he always pauses, which feels like eternity for me and he says, “So, this is what you want to wear tomorrow?”

I always turn around and disappear because I know that it is not a good outfit to wear. If I really, really want to wear the clothes, I courageously stand my ground and reply, “Yes, this is what I want to wear tomorrow.”

Do you know how he usually responds to that? Well, he calmly asks me a rhetorically question, “Hmm, so, is this the way you want to represent Jesus and me your husband before others?”

These days, I use Berhan’s last rhetorical question for almost everything to convince myself to represent Jesus well, not only behind the pulpit but everywhere. For example, before I respond back to a very angry person’s Facebook message, I ask myself, “How can I represent Jesus to this person?”

You see, this ministry is a very unique one in a way that it sometimes confronts people with their hidden sin and destructive habits and some people react to that offensively and write or say something not good. And I always listen or read their messages and pause, asking myself, “Okay, here is an opportunity for me to represent Jesus. So, how do I choose to represent Him?”

You see, the Bible says, we are His ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20). That means wherever we go and whatever we say and do represents Jesus to the watching world.

So, this is my question for you for today: How are you going to choose to represent Jesus today to the people who are around you? How do you choose to adorn yourself today? What are the words you are going to use to speak your mind? What body language are you going to choose to communicate your message with others?

Let’s all strive to represent our holy and loving God, the Lord Jesus Christ, in the best way we know how. ///