Good to be back!

What a joy to be back on Facebook!

Yes, I missed you all and I missed writing more than anything. I took a good vacation though I lost some of my vacation days for migraine headache but still it is worth it!

Well, during our vacation, I saw one old tree and I instantly fell in love with it and wanted to take a picture with it. My kids thought I was weird to love that old tree. I ignored their comments and wanted to take a picture. While my Berhan took a picture of me, I remembered what I told you guys on my last message, that I would post a picture of the Banko’s.

Well, so, I called my kids to take a picture with me and begged them not to look goofy. Since we forgot to take our camera with us, we all were not able to be on the picture. (You know those cameras you can mount on a tripod and set a time so that the camera itself will take the picture; well we left that camera home.) The only camera we had was our phones. So my Berhan had to be the one to take the picture. That is why you won’t see him in the picture. I promise, next time, my beloved Berhan will be on it.

I didn’t see the pictures until we came back from vacation. From all the pictures we took, I chose this one because my boys were behaving nicely and all my kids approved it to be posted on Facebook. But as you can see, my daughter kept her goofy look and I asked her, “What were you thinking when you paused like this?”

She responded back quickly saying, “I was thinking of what my future life is going to look like.” Asking her what her future life is going to look like is out of question unless I want to light my hair with fire. If I had asked her, she might have responded back something like, “Well, after I finish high school, I will go to Chicago and join – – -.” Yeah, all those scary things for me to hear! I am smart these days when it comes to dealing with teenagers. I know what to ask and what not to ask them.

Anyways, if you are not able to read the writings on my kids’ t-shirts, let me brief you here: Our older son’s t-shirt says, “Can I brag on my LORD – 11Six” (referring to Romans 1:16, Trip Lee) (Those of you who have been at one of Lecrae’s concerts, you should have seen this t-shirt); our daughter’s t-shirt says, “if God has a fridge, your picture is on it,” and under it, there is a picture clipped on it that says, “you are precious in my eyes and I love you – God – Romans 8:16”

And, are you ready to read what is on my youngest son’s t-shirt? Well, it says, “I can grow a mustache. What’s your super power?” I love it!

Anyways, it is good to be back on Facebook. I see that some of you didn’t read my last post and dropped me questions on my inbox. Well, now you know why I didn’t respond back. I will try to reply back to all of you as soon as I get to your messages.

Are you ready to start a brand new season? Whether you are ready or not, the fall season is right around the corner.

I am more curious and excited than before for what God has in store for Appeal for Purity ministry in this fall season! I’m also more than ready to watch the move of the Spirit of God in this ministry and to be a part-taker of His doings!

Again, good to be back on Facebook and be with you all!

God bless you!
In Him, Missy.