Yoked Together

“Don’t be yoked together with unbelievers” is not a denomination “motto” but a spiritual command which speaks life to our hearts. (2 Corinthians 6:14)

For example, if a woman decides to marry an unbeliever, she can’t enjoy all levels of oneness with her husband; the oneness God has for her, spiritual and physical oneness and oneness of the two souls.

How can she be one with the man whose spirit is dead, not awakened by the spirit of God? She can’t! Physically? Yes, she will become one with her husband (as the Bible says on 1 Corinthians 6) but she can’t have that fulfilling and pleasurable oneness which comes not only from the physical but also from spiritual, mental and emotional oneness.

If you are entertaining the idea of marrying an unbeliever, please stop! She/he may come to church with you and sing Gospel songs but you know in your heart that she/he is not with Christ. You know for sure that she/he is not a believer in Christ Jesus! Oh, please, stop!

For a Christian, marriage is not a goal of life but to live for Christ.

And it will be closer to impossible for you to live for Christ after you marry an unbeliever! So, you rather die as a single person than be married and die without living for Christ!

Forget about those life testimonies you heard about others, how the wife decided to marry an unbelieving man and how God had touched his heart after 15 years of prayer and fasting! We thank God for them but you can’t follow their example thinking that it will also happen to you. What if it doesn’t? Think about it! The safest thing for you, ALWAYS, is to follow the Word of God and you shall never be put to shame! ///