Last Night Post

I see that my last night post created some discussion. All I can say is “Mission Accomplished!”

Remember, A4P is a ministry to create awareness; to bring those “hush-hush” topics to light. By doing that this ministry creates in people questions which demand answers.

So my goal on all my writings is then to get you, the Christian community, be involved in the spiritual and physiological components of your sexual life; by mainly encouraging you to READ!

If I don’t get you do the reading, I sure will get you to question. And my hope is your question will provoke you to move to action; such as to read, to think before you choose the action which might compromise your sexual integrity and to actively take control of your sexual health as the temple of the LORD.

Now you read that eating raw meat may compromise your sexual health, the next thing you need to do is research.

And a fantastic starting point for you to do your own readings and research around this topic will be to find evidence which supports the claim. Then to the level of your excitement and understanding, find scientific and physiological explanations of erectile dysfunction and how eating raw meat can interfere with your sexual health. (Google should be your best friend in your endeavor to find answers to most of your questions.)

Dig more; research, get enlightened with the knowledge you find and arm yourself to the point of taking control of your sexual health. Then you will be actively involved in your sexual life than being a passive and a faithful customer of Viagra. And at last, you go ahead and share the wealth with others.

The rule of thumb here is this: Anything that is going to compromise your blood flow, such as high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, is going to compromise your erection.

And remember, MODERATION is the key here. Even if I personally don’t like the word “moderation” since I frequently hear it being used in the context of adultery and alcoholism; I can safely use it here for eating raw meat. If you eat raw meat like your fathers who usually fast from meat (all animal products)  at least for 250 days a year (according to the Orthodox Religion), I believe you can safely eat raw meat without compromising your sexual health. ///