Before I check out for the day, let me share this with you all.

Yesterday, I spent some time with my good Ethiopian brothers in Christ, discussing about the effect of eating raw meat. After the discussion, they recommended that I mention the topic here on A4P’s Facebook page. So, here we go.

Well, do you know eating raw meat can be a risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED)? Yes, it is.

So, when I was discussing this issue with my brothers in Christ, one of them said, “Are you serious? Erectile dysfunction would have been an epidemic in times of our fathers who eat raw meat like a lion.”

I responded back to him saying, “Well, they might have eaten mean like a lion but remember most of them are followers of Ethiopian Orthodox religion, that demands that they fast from meat and any animal products to a total of 250 days out of 365 days (some fast for more than 250 days).”

Nobody responded back to me because it was somehow convicting!

Hmm, so, to all my Ethiopian born again Christian brothers out there who may eat raw meat as often as someone eats a burger, watch out! If you are already suffering from ED, stop eating raw meat. And to tell you the truth, healthy eating habit is always good for your sexual health.

Encouraging men to exercise has always been the number one recommendation most health professionals give but these days, advising men to eat healthy food is taking the lead since ED is kind of becoming epidemic in some communities because of unhealthy eating habit.

A newly wed Ethiopian woman tends to bring raw meat to the dinner table to make her man’s night a romantic one. They may enjoy their dinner but their fun night may soon turn to a nightmare. So, if you are one of those loving wives who do this, stop it before it destroys your bedroom life! Bring him strawberry or corn. Don’t worry, he won’t die. Actually he will live for you! ///