For those of you who are voracious readers out there, here is a wonderful book to read: “Hero.”

And guess who wrote this wonderful book? Fred Stoeker! Yeap! Co-author of “Every Man’s Battle” and author of “Tactics”.

“Wow” is all I can say about “Hero!” I just finished it. I destroyed the book with my highlighters and side notes. It is a fantastic book!

And guess why I loved it? Well, it is written for men!

I mean, if I was a publisher, I always publish a book saying “This is mainly for men” because it is obvious that more women read books than men and we women are curious to know everything about our men and the sale will go up.

We women want to know the secret life of our men because they rarely speak about it. And when courageous and bold men, like Fred Stoeker, write book, I’m on it the next day because it opens my eyes to see and understand men in my life, mainly my Berhan and our two boys.

I love “Hero” because it is completely different book from “Every Man’s Battle” and “Tactics”. You see, Fred Stoeker was in the darkest part of this world. He was in a serious sexual addiction you can think of and he spoke candidly about his struggle with porn and other addiction on both books but on “Hero” he introduces you with his son, Jason Stoeker.

Jason is the HERO! He kissed his bride when her father gave her to him at the wedding. Their praiseworthy wedding story was broadcasted in British. Yeap! In British. Before that, he didn’t kiss or touch her in any affectionate way. Did he go through temptation? You better believe it. This man is a real HERO! He talked all about his struggles; but through it all he drove the stick so deep that he was able to withstand against the tide.

Let me leave you with this quote, I found from HERO, page 81:

“You don’t engage this battle (battle of sexual purity) just to become clean. You do it to become you, and all you were meant to be as a man. – – – Sex is not a guy’s ticket into manhood. Suffering is.” (the words in the parenthesis are mine)

Let me stop here before I spoil it for you. ///