Indefinite Dating is not a Christian Value

Hi everyone:

I hope this message finds you in good health!

Praise the LORD for giving us another brand new day to love and worship Him on this side of heaven!

As we roll to another brand new week, it is a joy for me to share with you what I’m planning to do with the A4P’s YouTube video program starting this week.

So, I will continue making YouTube videos as often as I can but I made few changes. From today’s on, I’ll be speaking in English so that I won’t leave out anyone who can’t understand Amharic.

I hope and pray that my Ethiopian accent won’t block the message. My Americanized kids thought that it is fairly okay. So, I think that won’t be a problem. What matters the most for me is whether you understand the message I’m trying to communicate or not. If you don’t because of my accent or grammar or sentence structure, let me know so that I will get better at it next time.

The other change I made is, I’m planning to address one question per a video clip. Where do you I find questions? From where else but from you!

That means if you have a question that you want me to go over via YouTube video, let me know. Drop me your question in my inbox. If I find the question to be very important for many people and I have your permission, I will go ahead and address it via YouTube video. If I don’t know the answer for the question, I will definitely let you know.

For this week’s A4P YouTube video, I picked this question I found in my inbox:

I am 27 years old and I’m in a relationship with a man (who is 30 years old). I met him in my church and we have been going out for the last 8 months. He seems very intact when it comes to Christianity but there is one issue. He never talks about getting married or anything. I tried to bring that topic but he always had a way to avoid it. Last time I brought back the topic to him but he was very upset with me. What do you advise me to do?

I hope and pray you find something important out of this clip.

Hey, I love to hear from you. Inbox me if you have questions or suggestions. But as always, I love to read your comments from the post itself. Please don’t drop your comments in my inbox because only your comments which are dropped off on the post support the page. Also, very important, please SHARE the video clip and SUBSCRIBE for my videos on Youtube so that others hear about A4P ministry.

Thank you so much guys for your encouragement, support and help! God bless you!

In Him, Missy.