My upcoming new book cover page!

You know me; I can’t keep good news for myself for long. I have to share it with you all so that my joy will be complete.

So, here is the cover page of my upcoming new book, “Beyond the Fairytale”. My publisher sent it to me to share it with all my fans and supporters.

As you know, the cover page of a new book comes out way before the actual book so that people can hear about it ahead of time.

Who can I then send this cover page to so that the word goes out to the whole world? Hmm, no brainer, is it?

You my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and A4P email group fans!

Yes, you are my backbones to make the word out. Will you help me? Will you make this a movement so that this book makes a difference in someone’s life?

Will you go ahead and SHARE the post? Like and drop your comment on it so that others hear about it?

Thank you so much guys and I do treasure and love each one of you!

May the LORD bless you!
In Christ Jesus, Missy.

P. S. The cover page picture is cloudy and misty because it is conveying the fact that how we think, believe and dream what sex is, our “Hollywood movies and shows influenced” knowledge of sex is nothing but a FAIRYTALE! It is a dream, a fairytale which may soon turn in to a NIGHTMARE!