Change of Perspective

I remember one true story I heard few years ago. I heard it from the man whose perspective about porn has been impacted by his dad.

When he was 24 years of age, he was moving out of his apartment to go to another one because of his job location. And he called his dad to help him out. So the whole day, father and son were moving that single man’s stuff from one apartment to the other. After they finished setting up the apartment, the father wanted to make sure that everything was out of his son’s truck. So he went out and searched through the truck. Then he saw a piece of paper under the car mats. He reached to it thinking that it was a piece of paper but actually it was a porn magazine. Right when he pulled it all out, his son came behind him and snatched it from his hand. His dad said nothing.

Then the dad went back to the apartment and got his jacket to head to his home. His son followed him behind to say thank you and see him off. His dad got to his car and turned around as if he forgot something. His son was standing right behind him. He said to him, “Son, have you ever been thirsty?”

His son was not sure where his dad was going with that and with some hesitation, he said, “Uh-uh”, with inquisitive look across his face.

Looking at his son with the most respectful look ever, he said, “Feeding your soul porn to satisfy your sexual thirst is like drinking the fluid that comes from the pipe of the neighborhood toilet sewage when you are thirsty.”


Then the father turned around, got into his car and left. During that time, his son was in porn addiction for quite some time. And that was the last day his son has ever viewed any pornographic picture.

He is now ministering to many men who are in porn addiction. I couldn’t remember his name from the top of my brain now but as soon as I do, I will let you know of his website if in case you or someone you know needs help in that area.

For now, you can check out the triple X Church ministry ( They are doing a great job in the area of porn addiction. Make sure you check them out. ///