Another movie to celebrate about!

A4P is not a movie advertising “billboard”, lol, but if the movie directors are genuine Christians who want to communicate the truth about family and marriage between one man and one woman, the movie will be for my house to watch and for me to tell others to watch via A4P and anything way so that these amazing movie directors will receive enough support from us to do it again.

Well, I heard about this movie for quite some time now but I didn’t hear anything about it from the Christian leaders whom I hold with high esteem. None of them say a word about it. So, I was not sure about it.

Now, one of the respected and giant men of God spoke up! So, I’m in and I want to tell you about it too. If I don’t share it with you, my joy won’t be complete.

And here is the bonus: One of the movie actors is, are you ready? Well, one of the movie actors is Alex Kendrick is in it! (I think he is the pastor in the movie, but I didn’t see him in the trailer. Who cares? I heard that his fingers were in all the process of making this movie!)

For me personally, if he is one of the movie actors, that is just a done deal! I’m in! May the LORD help him finish his race with grace and honor! I love this man of God! And the amazing thing is whatever he is portraying on the movies, his character and everything, is who he is in real life as others say about him. He is a MAN who knows his call! He is a courageous husband and father (as he portrayed it, for example, in the movie “Courageous”).

Anyways, so, the movie which is going to be on theaters across America today is: Moms’ Night Out.

Don’t think that all Banko’s family income goes to the movie theaters. No, we don’t. Going to a movie theater is neither our hobby nor weekend routine.

However when we hear about a movie made by one of these courageous movie directors and actors, like Kirk Cameron or Alex Kendrick, who go against “the current”, if you know what I mean, we are in.

You see, I may pay $8.00 to $12 for one movie but my small money says to them: “I love what you did and please do it again”.

And to tell you the truth, I don’t just listen to a commercial, watch the trailer and decide to watch a movie. And just because the title of the movie is “Moses” or “Paul” or “Noah” doesn’t mean that I watch that movie. Oh, no! I wait until I hear a comment from those “giant” men of God. I want to first hear from them. What do I know? I want to know what they have to say about the movie first. They’ve been in America throughout their lives; they are much older than me mentally, physically, spiritually and any “-ally” I can think of. So, I value their take on any topic.

If the movie directors ignore these men of God and make a movie and advertise it as a Christian movie, they won’t get a penny from me. My action says to them, “I don’t like what you did and please don’t do it again because I, a Christian, won’t watch it.”

Once I hear a good report from the men of God about the movie, I buy the ticket to do my part first. Then as usual I can’t keep any “good news” for myself. If I try to do, I will literally die.

So, watch this movie. Watching the trailer already made my day. I want to laugh and it is a COMEDY! You can’t beat that!

Is there clean comedy today in this day and age? Well, I’m already start “salivating”. I’m not lying. My week was a bit tough. After listening to at least five or six very sad stories, I get spent emotionally, mentally and physically. So what I need today is to LAUGH!

So, make sure you watch it! If you can’t, just buy the ticket to show your support. If you can afford to invite others, please do it. Remember, we will never, never, ever out-give God! He gave Jesus! And above and beyond that, if we do anything in His name, God will bring it back to us in different forms of blessings!

Take care,
In Him, Missy.