Again, Her Sexuality?

Yes, woman’s sexual nature is more complicated than every creature’s sexual nature combined.

It is intriguing for me to read the findings of many researchers who are spending every waking hour of their life, trying to figure out woman’s sexuality. And most of the time, their conclusion reads something like, “She is complicated”. Duh!

The funny thing is though some want to fix her sexuality as if it was a problem or a mistake on God’s part and when they try to fix it, they create even more complicated problems.

Frustrated husband went to a counselor to complain about his wife’s nerve-wracking sexual nature and came back home, being excited to implement all the advice and techniques the counselor told him to use. He said to himself, “This will do it!” assuming that all those techniques and methods would bring a solution to his unique “wife’s sexual complexity”.

Well, you don’t want me to tell you what happened in the bedroom, do you? Nah! It was ugly. In the morning, the first thing the husband said to his wife was: “I don’t know which philosopher or scientist can figure you out. But for me, I will call you, MYSTERY!”

You see, if figuring out the woman was the way to go about it, the Word of God would have said it this way: “Husbands, figure your wife out and live happily after.”

Dah, the Word doesn’t say that. It is God we are talking about here. He won’t say that because HE IS THE ONE WHO CREATED HER AND HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW A HUSBAND CAN LIVE WITH HER.

So, He said, “Husbands, love your wife as Jesus loved the church and gave Himself up for her.” (Ephesians 5:21-33)

Who will miss that? Who will say, “I don’t understand this verse. Explain to me.” No one! It is simple and to the point!

But what makes it hard, if you let me think like a man for a moment, is this: He wants to love her as a person but he also wants to love her sexually and her sexuality is a puzzle for him because it is completely different from his.

She drives him nut when he finds out that what makes her excited yesterday is already boring for her today.

If wife’s sexuality was like him, given man’s natural bent to be okay with “uniformity”, sex would have been the hardest “riddle” to find an answer for.

But, the Good God didn’t make it that way. God woven her mysteriously so that her husband will never figure her out. Because he can’t figure her out, she is brand new for him every morning.

Yeah, if he sees her as he saw her yesterday, he didn’t do his homework of studying, knowing her for him to come up with a different creative idea.

“I’m not creative person.” Some husbands whine. And the answer is this: You can’t be creative if you still sit before that TV set, holding on to that remote control. Turn the TV off and sit with her and listen to her. Let her vent about her day. Then you shall see how creative you are. It is natural for you to be creative as it is natural for her to be sexually complicated.

If the husband is a lazy one who is not creative, who is not, for example, inviting his wife to the park, just for a walk or a weekend getaway for only two of them, he will be faced with mountain of problems to which he has no answer for.

Her complicated sexual nature is actually God-given gift for him if he finds the key to unlock his wife’s heart. Otherwise, a woman with a tightly-locked heart, her sexuality can’t be an enjoyable one; rather it is a detestable one, the one her husband chooses to spend the night on the street corner than sleeping in his bedroom and making love to her. Those who experienced it testify to this with 100% confirmation. I’m not crazy here. This is fact!

If you are a husband of one wife, please listen to me.

Beloved, your wife is complicated for your own pleasure and enjoyment. But always know how to unlock the door of her heart with unconditional love. If you do that, you will swear by her for the rest of your life.

Don’t criticize her; don’t neglect her; don’t shut her off; don’t compare her with other girls; don’t take her for granted; don’t let your mouth utter “unwholesome” talk (Ephesians 4:29) because she is not just a woman; she is your wedded wife! She is the one with “locked treasure”; a treasure for you to search, to find, unlock and enjoy. Don’t try to figure her out; first love her and you shall win her heart, soul and of course her body, EVERYDAY.

And listen to this; and at the end, YOU SHALL FIGURE HER OUT! That is the goal in mind, by the way, when the Word says, “love your wife”. You can’t beat that. It is a cool and fantastic deal! ///