Another question regarding the A4P Match Making Service

“So, you said, friendship has to come first before a couple decides to proceed to a relationship. But now when you offer this matching service, isn’t that contrary to what you’ve been telling us to follow through? This service encourages people to move to a relationship before they even have a chance to build a friendship.”

This question came from the person who has been with A4P from day one or I guess day three, lol. So, when he said “as you said”, he knows what he is talking about. So, let me buckle up my seat belt and defend my side.

First, you assumed something very crucial and that is, you assumed that everybody who is going to meet through the A4P match making service are automatically going to be in a relationship. Well, that is a wrong assumption.

As I said before, A4P matching service is going to act like a connection spot for people who are interested to get married. That means all the “close-up examination” to see if the person they meet on A4P is going to be a good friend as well as a spouse belongs to them, not to A4P.

I don’t know how to say this so that it will be clear for everyone. Let’s see one analogy even if it can’t be applied in a one-to-one fashion with the picture I want to portray here.

See this service as a neighborhood café. The only difference is, at this café there is someone at the door to ask people to turn in their ID before they come in. I think I like this analogy. And not only ask their ID but we also verify the authenticity of their ID.

Hey, if you still struggle with something, inbox me and we will see it together. Let’s be open and positive. ///