Yes, Love needs time

It is good to know the love language of our spouses. Otherwise we speak in English, they hear us in Germany. This not only creates misunderstanding but it also creates chaos in the home. However knowing our spouses’ love language is not good enough.

Once we know they have a different love language than ours, we need to learn to speak it. How can we speak their language if their language is foreign to us? We have to spend time with them so that we learn and practice how to say all “the phonetics”.

Well, that goal in mind, we need to strive to find as much time as we can to be with them. Not like being present in the house while our spouses are in the house but being with our spouses alone; not to fight or to sort our differences out or to have sex. Well, we do those things in their rightful times but when it comes to learning their language, we find time to be together, ALONE (without kids), so that our spouses teach us their love language.

You see, when you give yourself to “learning a foreign language”, you won’t give suggestion as to how to say what. You just listen and apply it, period! If her love language is “quality time”, sitting in the park and watching the sun disappear from your sight, do it as often as you can. The first few days, you may feel like dying than going out to that boring public park to see the sunset; but guess what, after you spend time with her for sometimes, you start speaking her language perfectly. You will actually be the one to remind her to go to the park and she thinks that she is at “the wonderland” with her Prince Charming.

Well, don’t miss this; there is one special bonus for you for doing that: As you spend more time to speak her language, you are teaching her to speak your own love language as well. Then “THE LOVE BOND” which is pulling you two together in the first place will be stronger and tougher than the differences and conflicts you guys may have.

Yes, LOVE NEEDS A QUALITY TIME; otherwise it dies prematurely; you start entertaining the idea of divorce on your first or second year of wedding anniversary. ///