Sexually Attractive Wife – Part 2

Some of the Characteristics of a Sexually Attractive Wife – Part II

Your husband will get sexually attracted to you when he sees in you the following characters:

7. When you don’t criticize him, he thinks that you are sexually attractive!

Oh, I can’t emphasis this point enough. Don’t criticize him!!! Did you hear me? Don’t criticize him!!! Do you want him to help you in the house? Remember, as they say, “there are always two ways of doing

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everything”. Don’t tell him how to do it. If you want him to load the dishwasher, ask him nicely (don’t order him; even if he didn’t say anything about you bossing him around, believe me, he doesn’t appreciate it. And guess what; the Word of God commands you to respect and fear your husband. So ordering and respecting and fearing don’t usually go together). So instead of ordering him, ask him like “My Love, would you please help me with the dishes?” If he is a smart husband, he will help you so that he will spare himself from hearing “I’m very tired tonight” later in the bedroom. And when he does the dishes, do this (this is my trick) – Don’t look at how he does it. Concentrate on talking to him about other things. Let him do it on his own way and he will love and be encouraged to help you another time. And guess what, when you let him do it on his way and when you appreciate his way of doing stuff, he thinks that you are sexually beautiful. Amazingly beautiful!!!


8. When he comes home at the end of his day and when you say “hi” to him with a smile on your face, he finds it easy to desire you for sex.

You never know how many bridges he crossed to get at the door of his home. You don’t know how many people tried to get the best of him. And don’t be the last one to slap him on his face with a frown on your face. So, receive him as if he came back home from war; be happy that he is alive, be there for you in one piece. Sister, he will desire you more than he desires food and water. The way you receive him home will set “the tone of the night”. Remember, always, you will lose when you don’t follow this principle. When you attract him sexually, he cares more about your sexual pleasure. Hmm, did you hear that? And you will stop complaining in the counseling room saying “He doesn’t care about my sexual pleasure”. To tell you the truth, he does care about it but if you discourage him, he cares less for your sexual pleasure. You see, your sexual pleasure says to him “You are the MAN!” And he loves it but when you don’t sow seed on his heart, he loses passion to fulfill you sexually.


9. When you avoid any sarcastic statement or tone from your conversations, he wants to love you more because you become sexually attractive to him


“Oh, thank you for vacuuming the house. Wow, we have to register our house for modeling.” This kind of statement kills him. Forget about desiring you for sex; he doesn’t want to see you around. Yeah, it is that bad.


10. When you play and flirt with him implying sex, he think that you are exceptionally and sexually beautiful from all women.


For example: Give a “pet-name” to sex,

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only you and your husband know. And whisper in his ears when he just sits in front of that laptop or TV and watches that boring football or soccer game.

Just relax. Instead of going to your bedroom and wishing that your husband will join you soon, just go and whisper in his ears and leave him there. After that his brain can’t function properly. So he will be in the bedroom before you get there. So, know how to play his games too. If you do, he thinks that he is the luckiest man in this world to have you as a wife! What a gift!


11. When you sent him to work with passion, he can’t wait to come back home to be intimate with you.

Okay, one of the major ways for you to be intimate with him passionately, other than sex, before he leaves for work in the morning is KISSING!!! I’m not talking about “hi and bye” kinds of kissings here. Those are for couples who are not yet married. For you, Sister, “French kissing” is allowed. That is fascinating!!! It works like a magic. It is a proven practice to “reignite” love and romance in the marriage. And when your saliva meets his, every day, your body celebrates the oneness that is only found in the marriage. So, if this is not a practice in your marriage, do this. Tomorrow, when he comes to say bye to you, bring him closer to you and kiss him as if you would never see him again. He will hate leaving his house; or he leaves his house leaving his heart behind. Yes, you want to keep his heart with you, don’t you? If you do, do what I’m telling you to do. That is very important. “Does that make him think about me?” Seriously, you are crazy if you are asking that kind of question. HE WON’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU!


12. When you don’t judge his spiritual life, he thinks that you are sexually desirable creature, created only to him.

You may pray longer than him and knows more worship songs, and Bible verse than him but remember; you are praying long because God fashioned you differently than your husband. You see, when you pray, for example about your kids, you tell God about your sons and daughters five times in one morning devotion. When your husband prays for his kids, he just mentions their names or brings them in prayer as a group, saying “protect my kids” and does the rest of “bless my marriage and my wife” and he is done within ten minutes. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with that prayer. When we read the Bible, we rarely find long prayer men did; only preaching and teaching they did long. And we don’t read God saying to them “Sorry, that is too short for a prayer.” Instead, He responded back to their prayers quickly. When you don’t measure his spiritual maturity up against yours or anybody and when you don’t catch him off-guard regarding his spirituality (for example: “You didn’t read Bible today, did you?” kind of confrontation), he thinks that you are sexually A BOOM even after 20 years of marriage. Remember, you are his “suitable helper”. Maybe God puts you in his life so that you support him in prayer. Believe me in this, our husbands need our prayers very much; especially those of us who live in a sexually saturated society. ///