Sexually Attractive Wife – Part 1

Some of the Characteristics of a Sexually Attractive Wife

Your husband will get sexually attracted to you when he sees in you the following characters:

1. When you stop whining and complaining, he thinks that you are the most sexually attractive woman ever. (“Why are you late ten minutes?” Or “Don’t you think I need help here?” When you complain like that, day in and day out, he finds it hard to be sexually attracted to you – When you stop complaining and whining, he cares about your sexual pleasure, CLUE! CLUE! CLUE! – Wives, you should know what I’m talking about here!)

2. You tell him fix that dripping faucet once or twice. That should be enough. But please don’t remind him 100 times. That is a killer for him! He is thinking about fixing it! Just trust him! He just wants to do it on his own time. Actually when you quietly and lovingly wait for him, he thinks that you are the most beautiful creature ever created. Yeah, he doesn’t like to be nagged! Nagging kills the sexual attraction your man has for you! Watch out!

3. Even if your husband looks strong and muscular, there is always a little boy inside him. And that little boy wants to be admired and praised. “Dear, you fixed the faucet? Thank you, my Love. Just tell me what you want for dinner- – – ” While you are praising him, he starts to think something like: “Why didn’t she go for the Miss America Beauty competition?” Because you become more beautiful to him than before. And, guess what, he can’t wait to be alone with you. Admire and praise your man, especially praise and admire his sexual performance. That is like giving him a “bolus injection” of testosterone! FANTASTIC!

4. Don’t forget about sex. If you have kids, especially little ones, it is very easy for you to give all the energy you have to feed, clean and discipline them. And you will be left with zero energy for sex. That is like “not loving” your husband in the way he wants to be loved. So, as part of your daily routine, remember about sex and reserve some energy for later. How? Just take shower, exercise, take nap when your kids do, eat healthy (fruit and vegetable, moderately eat meat) so that you actually end up with some extra energy. And that extra energy makes you “a rare daffodil” for your husband.

5. Please wear different and nice clothes when he comes home. Be beautiful always (purposely for him alone)! When he comes home, find a minute or two to look at in the mirror and make yourself presentable before he sees you. (I’ve mirror in my kitchen; just a tip) And please, no hair roller on your head and no “face mask”. (You see, you and I are the ones the Bible says “- – – with her own hands the foolish one tears her (house) down.” Proverbs 14:1b – and one of the ways you and I can be foolish and tear down our house (marriage) is by neglecting ourselves. Please don’t think that your husband doesn’t notice. He does! Big time! And you can tell that he does by his reaction when you keep yourself beautiful and attractive. Make him cry when he leaves for work.

6. Surprise him with beautiful “LINGERIE”. They don’t have to be the expensive ones; they just have to be new, the ones he didn’t see you wearing before. You have freedom to make them the shortest ever or those see-through ones or those which barely cover your body. Remember you are the only one God gave to your husband to take sexual pleasure from. He has a right to look and enjoy you and you have to help and let him. (But remember this one and very important principle: Your body has to be appropriately covered outside that bedroom. Do you know why? Well, if you let other men lust after your half-out-breast and thigh, you will come home with nothing left in you to give to your man. Lust is spiritual; as pure sex is but the spiritual component of lust is evil. And that “evil spirit” will follow you and come home with you, especially if you purposely wear clothes to seduce other men than your man. And of course the Bible says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” John 10:10; the evil spirit will steal and kill and destroy your marital sexual life. When you come home “empty” (after all men took sexual pleasure from your exposed body), you find no sexual response from your husband because he is thinking something like: “How is she not sexually attractive to me anymore?” Beloved, lust is a very powerful enemy for marital sex. So, watch out what you’re wearing. And know this: Sexual purity is a very powerful treasure God bestows on us but when we lose it by the way we dress and interact with other men (by being flirtatious with other men), we lose it in its entirety. So, watch out! Hide your body from everybody but your man. That just attracts the presence of God as well. And the presence of God, the God you honor and fear in your life, makes you sexually IRRESISTIBLE wife. Wow, you are attracting the two most important men, God and your hubby, by being sexually pure!!! Did you hear that????)


Well, let me stop here and give you the rest another time. There are more than 20 points left. So, tune in!!! ///